February Feasting.

February's been a fun month already. We ordered Arby's on January 30th. You have no idea how stoked I was about this feast. I'm still quite obsessed with their sliders and fries. I liked the additional mozzarella cheese sticks too. Stephen doesn't like them, and about 3/4 of this picture I ate by myself over [...]

Celebrating a New Year with Old Friends.

Just a few weeks late, [and I wasn't sure how far in the month to share] but I hope everyone celebrated the new year safely and that their year is going fantastic so far! Believe it or not, I celebrated my first New Year's Eve party that was hosted by lovely Alexis. Alexis' high school [...]

Noodles, Noodles, and Coffee – What More Could You Need?

Noodles, Noodles, and Coffee – What More Could You Need?

Hello again! How are we doing this week? I was going to post earlier, but it's still Tuesday! Plus, my eye started hurting earlier, probably from staring at my laptop screen for too long. After some yummy Chick-fil-a with a caramel frosted coffee, I am healed! This is my second time getting the caramel frosted [...]