Disclaimers & Privacy Policy.

Hi, all! Just to formally provide the legal information regarding my blog, here’s some things you need to know that can be found below. 

Blog disclaimer: A legal statement that limits your ability and advice others that you cannot be held liable for information that’s included on your blog. 

Terms of Use

I just want to state how my blog is for entertainment purposes only. I am not, by any means, a professional. I may give advice and provide my own personal experiences, but I realize that my circumstances and actions are not applicable for everyone. So, if something happens, I cannot be held responsible. I will be more than happy to help and give some advice if you ask, but essentially, it’s all up to you! 

My personal blog focuses on life lessons I’ve learned or am learning, food recipes as an amateur, and reviews, all of which are solely based on my own opinion. I hope you enjoy reading my blog to gain a few insights and have some laughs from time-to-time.

I aim for my blog to be a safe space for people to come together and connect. We all have stories and events that have happened throughout our lives, so why not connect with others that may have dealt with similar events as you? 

Reservation of Rights Disclaimer

My blog topics’ views and opinions are solely my own. My opinions do not have the intentions to come across as hate or offensive toward any group or individuals. As the owner of my blog, I will not be held responsible for the comments, views, or opinions that are posted by other users.

I reserve the rights to alter, manage, and run my blog accordingly to the content that I publish. I reserve the right to remove any comments that are considered offensive, spam, hate, or show any signs of personal attacks to myself or any other individual or group.

If you choose to use any of my information, first off, thank you! Secondly, please give me the credit for using my content. 

Privacy Policy

In some of my content, I use “cookies” when sharing product reviews or affiliate links. Cookies are pieces of data that are stored within your Internet browser to track any online purchases you make that are relevant to what I am advertising. When you click on my affiliate links, a cookie will keep track of your browser activity when it comes to sales of purchase. After a certain amount of days or you click on other affiliate links that are advertised by other people, my cookie will disappear and will be replaced with their cookies.

Cookies are in no way linked to any personal information that I retain. I do not give away, share, or sell your personal information to anyone else. If I ask for your personal information [email address, physical address, or anything else], it is solely based for giveaway purposes. I do not keep your information once the giveaway is fulfilled. 

Here is my Affiliate Disclosure page.


As stated, my blog’s content is to be used for entertainment purposes only, not for professional advice. I cannot be held liable for any damage or losses that may arise from clicking on or relying on any third-party links. If there is false information in my content, it is purely unintentional, and I will do my best to correct the errors to provide accurate information. 

In regards to technical issues, I take no responsibility for my website being temporarily unavailable or any other technical issues that are beyond my control. I will notify through email or social media if there are issues. I also reserve the rights to work on any of the matters privately without notice or announcement. 

Now that all that is out of the way. Thank you for sticking around! Hope to chat with you soon.