February Feasting.

February's been a fun month already. We ordered Arby's on January 30th. You have no idea how stoked I was about this feast. I'm still quite obsessed with their sliders and fries. I liked the additional mozzarella cheese sticks too. Stephen doesn't like them, and about 3/4 of this picture I ate by myself over [...]

Lighting Up Your World!

Lighting Up Your World!

January is just flying by so quickly, and I've been terribly behind on things. It's already Wednesday, and we're almost through with the final week of the month, so crazy. This post takes place on the weekend of the 17th. On Friday, Stephen brought home some Noodles & Company, yum. They have about any kind [...]

Celebrating a New Year with Old Friends.

Just a few weeks late, [and I wasn't sure how far in the month to share] but I hope everyone celebrated the new year safely and that their year is going fantastic so far! Believe it or not, I celebrated my first New Year's Eve party that was hosted by lovely Alexis. Alexis' high school [...]

A Weekend Getaway at the Cabin & Some Last Minute Shopping!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and is celebrating all the holiday festivities! It's been such a hectic week, so I didn't carve out time to finish this post up, but I'll pick up where I last left off and make a Christmas post soon. After Thanksgiving After we returned from the Thanksgiving [...]

Double Stephs' One Year Anniversary!

I'm just a couple weeks late posting this, especially since I didn't post anything last week, so I have a bit of catching up to do. Plus, I wanted to delay to take a picture of our gifts, but I'll have to upload and edit those in later because we didn't finish making our gifts [...]