Kelsea Ballerini Album Review: kelsea

Music has a special way of connecting groups of people that couldn’t be more different sometimes. I’m going to start doing mini breakdown of albums I listen to because I get so excited and happy to talk about songs.

Hopefully I’ll have these album reviews posted either Fridays, [because that’s when new music is usually released] or Mondays, [because Music Monday and it’ll give me time to collect my thoughts.] Today is neither one of those days but this is the first post to figure out the structure of how these are going to go, so let’s roll with it.

I’ve been looking forward to Kelsea Ballerini’s new album for months and I had it playing almost the whole time I was making this post, which probably took me way longer than it should’ve.

Artist:Kelsea Ballerini
Album Title:kelsea
Album #:3
Release Date:March, 20, 2020

So many twos and zeros — what a memorable release date.

Further input and music recommendations are always welcome! You can’t ever get enough music in your life.

*Tracks in bold are songs that were released prior to the album’s release date.

I really like the kelsea album because it’s more personal. Kelsea Ballerini references insecurities and obstacles that she has dealt with regarding her identity and relationship with others. Despite living different lifestyles, I think we all can connect with one another on an emotional level for things that lift us up and what brings us down. We’re all humans living different events but can also similar feelings. We all get lonely, insecure, heartbroken, and lost sometimes. We [hopefully] find ourselves along the way eventually.

Favorite Single

My favorite songs are based off of the first handful of times I’ve listened to the album, and I’ll probably have them on repeat until I’m sick of them.

While the four singles convey similar feelings, I was really taken to “homecoming queen?” because I feel like there’s a huge focus on high school and how we’re supposed to act during this sensitive time in our lives.

There’s this stigma that goes with popularity of someone “having it all,” but it’s never cracked up as it seems to be. KB sings about how even if you were popular in high school, you are still dealing with events and it’s okay to let your guard down. Of course, we’re all highly emotional during high school. Now, we know that our world really isn’t going to end after whatever drama goes down, but it feels that way in the midst of it.

Favorite Song on the Whole Album

It’s so difficult to pick one song that I love most on this album. I’m always been one to pay close attention to lyrics and dissect the meaning of them ever since I can remember. I love a good ballad that’s stuck in my mind and tugs at my heart.

There are songs that I’ll repeat and listen to a few times in a row, but I feel like I most relate, and especially love, the meaning of “a country song.” When things are bad, happy, or I need to let some words out that are rolling around in my head, my way of coping is to write a poem to capture what I’m emotionally feeling. Rough times in life, a breakup, friendship, my love for something, they’re all found within the poems I write. It’s almost comic relief to read my old stuff and instantly remember what I was dealing with at the time.

Favorite lyrics:

This song references moments where KB needs to be reminded of her identity. She’ll find comfort in friends, family, and places that keep her world centered. When she needs to work through emotional challenges and discover her own truth of a situation, she’ll write a country song.

Other Favorite Songs on kelsea

I’ve got to say, I’m always, always going to love a song Halsey plays a part in it. I have listened to this one on repeat a few times already since she and Kelsey sound so good together! Since I first heard that they were collaborating in “the other girl,” it’s a duet that I never knew that I needed until now. Essentially, the song is about a relationship where the guy has a side chick. The lyrics are just so good, and the chorus is super great:

Most of all, if you are ever in this situation, this song makes you wonder if you are the priority or the “second choice” on the side. I hope you realize that you are no one’s second option, no matter if you’re crazy about the other person. It’s just not worth the emotional strain.

If you’re in the midst of a breakup aftermath, “the way i used to” is another song that’s really catchy and one that I really like. It’s about a relationship that ended and the person is wondering if the ex’s new relationship compares to what they had. Kelsea sings how she’s better off now but wonders if a new love can compare.

Another favorite song off of this album is “overshare” because I feel as if I overshare with people too soon after just meeting them. I’ve always been that type of person to get to the deep and dark stuff, but my mother said I can’t do that with everyone. I realize and I don’t, but those are the gold mine conversations where you get to really know someone.

One of the most honest lyrics of this song is:

It’s a song that makes you think of how you interact with people and what you do when you interact with them, whether they’re a familiar face or if they’re complete strangers. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to share about yourself to others because you don’t know if they genuinely care or want to know.

Most Relatable Song

Personally, I find that no matter where you live, you’re going to be able to relate to “half of my hometown” because there are certain universal aspects and things we’ve all done growing up. You’re always going to have people that rep your high school colors, take backroads for random drives, and fall in love with the boy/girl next door. Combine all of these moments and you have been building a core foundation of who you are while living in your hometown.

No matter if you’re the one that stayed or the one that moved away, it’s a song acknowledging the sentimental moments in a place where you’re from.

What Should You Listen to on This Album?

This is such a fun and catchy album that can hit home on a personal level. Whether you want to enjoy an exciting weekend with your friends or are struggling with a relationship with people, all of these moments root to your identity and how you perceive yourself as a whole.

Night life/in public: When you’re showing another side of yourself, one that’s vulnerable and when life gets a little too real sometimes. These are all upbeat. I, who knows hardly anything of it, randomly sing “club” in my apartment frequently.

  • overshare
  • club
  • hole in the bottle

Identity: When you’re trying to figure out where you fit in, whether it be high school, out with friends/strangers, and in places that are familiar and unfamiliar.

  • overshare
  • homecoming queen?
  • the other girl
  • love me like a girl
  • half of my hometown
  • a country song
  • la

Relationships: What do you mean to your significant other and vice versa. You have your cheating, breakups, and forever love all on this album.

  • the other girl
  • love me like a girl
  • love and hate
  • bragger
  • the way i used to
  • needy

Identity is the key category that all of these songs can be found, honestly. Kelsea acknowledges it in her songs as a whole and it makes me feel like I can relate to her a little more.

I’m sad that there are only 13 songs on kelsea but I’ve been playing this album on repeat, along with the latest three albums of artists that have released music this year, and I’m not tired of them yet.

Quarantine time makes for the best time to discover new music and have a little party! Hope you all enjoy the album and are being smart and safe wherever you are.

  • What music have you been loving lately?
  • What’s your favorite song on the album, if you have one?
  • What do you do to express yourself?

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