What I’ve Been Watching #4.

How are we doing? It’s been a crazy week for us all, but I hope everyone’s staying safe! I haven’t watched many shows, but here are the latest things that have been on my screen.

TV Shows

The Bachelor (2002)

Season 24 (2020)

All I have to say about this season is ugh. As if it wasn’t prevalent enough in the previous two seasons, this one was a huge eye-opener to make me realize how the show has lost its meaning. I half-heartedly had hope that Peter would find love with all the drama going on and the genuine character of the contestants, but definitely not.

Highlighted thoughts:

  • Social media influences are a buzzing thing and have been especially the past few years, so it seems like that’s all the contestants are on the show for. I felt like it was actually about love pre-influencer times. I certainly don’t remember Ben Higgins’ season being like it is now
  • The producers really were cruel to have all three girls stay in the same hotel room during Fantasy Suite week — definitely hyping up the unnecessary drama
  • The Women Tell All had that segment about bullying, but yet a week later, Barb was definitely shaming Madison and Peter’s relationship on After the Final Rose. I was a fan of her previously, but after seeing how dramatic she was and the way she was so rude, I’m no longer Team Barb
  • Call me crazy, but I never felt that Peter and Hannah Ann’s relationship was that strong
  • For Peter to take away Hannah Ann’s first proposal and engagement, ouch. Definitely not the wisest, but how much was influenced by his family?

I say all this now, but there’s something about this train wreck of a show that keeps me watching every season. Now that Clare’s guys have been confirmed but with the health concerns, it’s postponed, but will the season be canceled soon? I don’t even agree with the casting because there’s only one guy that’s older than her [she’s 38] and the rest are significantly younger — not that that’s a problem, but is she really going to have success at love when the majority of her group of guys are mid to late 20s? I hope so, but it’ll just be another season for drama and ratings.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All (2020)

I watched the movie, Zodiac a few years back. It’s all a bit fuzzy but it was so intriguing to watch. When this documentary showed up on Hulu, I wanted to give it a go because I needed a true crime show in my life right now to get suckered into. Plus, Gary is adopted and he wanted to know his his birth parents and identity. Although, I will say he was a little too carried away with his obsession of it, but at least he had some of his curiosities answered.


A man who is searching for the father who abandoned him believes his father is one of the most infamous serial killers in American history.


Highlighted thoughts:

  • Just a side note: Gary leaving his previous four wives before they could leave him — so he’s giving them abandonment issues as a result of his own? Don’t get married if that’s your thought process, dude
  • Could you imagine a 27-year-old dude running away with a 14-year-old girl and eloping? How insane, especially in the ’60s or so
  • I feel bad for Susan Mustafa, the co-writer of the book, because it turns out that the book contains a lot of discrepancies. So now, she’s trying to find out her own truth and her career could be in jeopardy
  • It’s crazy how big of a difference it would’ve been if the technology of today was used back then. Surely there wouldn’t be unsolved cases like the Zodiac killer left unsolved for 50+ years, right?
  • Super strange that Gary’s license plays says “VANBEST.” I need that explained for me on why

Even though the documentary appears as if Gary has be solid evidence of pinning his dad, Earl Van Best Junior, as the Zodiac killer, they weren’t completely sold on the idea that EVB Jr. could be the Zodiac killer. Although they can’t rule him out completely. If it turns out that he’s not the Zodiac after all, well that’s a harsh thing to think that your son thinks you’re a serial killer.

I just watched the last episode last night and ironically, it was Friday the 13th. Susan mentioned it being Friday the 13th in one scene, how crazy. It’s sad how the final episode showed them tearing apart Gary’s evidence and Susan realizing that what she had written wasn’t the truth.

To add more unsolved questions, why did I watch this!? Now I want to read and dive into all the evidence that’s been uncovered so far, but I feel at this point we may not ever know since it was so long ago.


Forever My Girl (2018)

After watching It: Chapter Two, I needed some romance and wanted to watch Forever My Girl on Amazon Prime. I watched this movie in theaters, but I that being almost two years ago, I wanted to once again.

Highlighted thoughts:

  • I completely forgot where this movie took place, but at least I really like country music
  • Liam having the same beat up flip phone since high school to preserve a voicemail from Josie makes my hopeless romantic heart burst
  • The breakup scene made me happy to know that they didn’t leave one another over a fight. Questioning if you’re dad material is somewhat of a better storyline than them breaking up over something cliche
  • How small of a town is that for everyone to be so close? I always wondered about that with other romance movies taking place in these “small towns” [cough, cough, Nicholas Sparks]
  • When Liam returns, it’s kinda disappointing to hear Josie say, “Welcome home.” I felt like that line should have been something more impactful or witty, especially coming from her sassy self

It was a sweet PG movie, and one that I needed for a Saturday night. The date that they went on really felt overwhelming, so I don’t know how celebrities get used to being out and having a crowd vying for your attention and cameras snapping photos left and right. I’d have so many unflattering ones if that were the case, haha.

To All the Boys I Loved Before (2018)

Since To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You came out a few weeks ago, I just had to rewatch the first movie again because it’ had been a hot minute and I wanted a refresher. I remember reading these books whenever they first came out and I loved them. I want to read them again at some point whenever I get my tote full of books from my parents’ house that I left behind.


High school junior Lara Jean Covey writes letters to boys she feels an intense passion for before locking the letters away in her closet. Her latest letter is to her childhood friend Josh, who is dating her older sister Margot. When Margot moves to college, she breaks up with Josh. Lara Jean has always had a crush on Josh and has to decide if it would be okay to date him.


The Wikipedia synopsis is a bit long, so that’s only the first paragraph.

Highlighted thoughts:

  • I feel like I can relate to Lara Jean so much. I mean, writing letters and pouring out my soul is my thing. Although, how the heck would she know their addresses and why label them!? I know, I get the point of that’s how the movie starts up
  • A fake relationship contract — classic
  • Seriously, do these high school parties exist or is it all fiction? Surely they exist somewhere to be portrayed like so in films, right?
  • Kinda not cool of Lara Jean springing that kiss on Peter while on the track, but okay
  • I expected Josh to appear different. He seemed a bit young in the movie from what I imagined him to be

This movie cracks me up. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Some of the plot doesn’t make that much sense, but teenage rationale sometimes, so I guess the dynamic between Peter and Lara Jean wouldn’t either. I would kill to have Kitty’s confidence and boldness. I just love the look and aesthetic of this entire movie, so I definitely approve of it.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020)

Whenever I watched the first movie, I was kind of irritated that they made Peter likable because he was definitely not in the books. Then, the second movie came out and it showed a little more of Peter and Gen’s relationship, so it somewhat aligned with what I remember. What I can remember from the books is how I didn’t care for Peter as a whole, but of course he had to be likable because that doesn’t make a good film! I’m sure I liked him in the end of the books because that’s what you want for these teenage romance novels.


Lara Jean and Peter, now a couple, go on their first date and promise to never break each other’s hearts. While their love blossoms, Lara Jean gets a letter from John Ambrose McClaren, one of her previous crushes, in reply to the one that she wrote to him in sixth grade. Wondering if it would be rude to not reply, she puts it off for later. She tells Peter about the letter, who doesn’t seem particularly excited to hear about it.


Highlighted thoughts:

  • All righty, that’s the Peter I remember and didn’t care for. Anyways, I was rooting for John Ambrose McClaren slightly more than Peter, but I know that wasn’t going to happen
  • I loved the acknowledgement of Lara Jean and Gen’s relationship. It’s sad how times can change, but I loved the time capsule plot. I wish I had something like that to do whenever I was younger
  • Their breakup aftermath at the aquarium was slightly painful to watch. People don’t ask for gifts back — or at least I never really did that type of thing
  • Stormy was a character that I loved. She’s got a lot going for her and has so much strength
  • My heart was happy when Peter showed up at the end and commented about how she didn’t like driving in the snow. It’s really the little things, ya know?

I’m a little surprised with the lower score that this movie got on Rotten Tomatoes. I was a little worried that this movie was going to be terrible because my friend said she heard this film was getting bad reviews. I liked it a lot, and I’m curious as to how the third film will go. I’m still a sucker for these types of romance stories.

I just read the summary of the third book, and my heart. I think it was the one I loved the best out of the three since they’re going to college. I sure hope the third film is as good as these two that I just watched.

What have you been watching lately? Have you watched any of these shows/movies?

11 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching #4.

    1. Haha, right!? Movie Peter was so much nicer than Book Peter. I was so confused on why everyone was swooning over him, but that made sense as to why after watching the movie!


  1. I think I added The Most Dangerous Animal of All to my list! When I read the caption I was immediately intrigued but cannot watch it while my son is awake lol
    I really liked both films of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Had I initially known that they were books, I would have waited to watch until I finished reading the books but oh well. I just finished reading the first book this week and really liked it. I am waiting to read the 2nd and 3rd but my library closed so I have to see if I can get a digital copy instead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point, haha. I hope you’re able to watch TMDAA soon. It’s mostly a lot of talking between the people and only a few pics of the crime scene. There are only 4 episodes, so they’re pretty quick to watch too. It was super fascinating to watch, and I’m still blown away by it being unsolved.

      Aw, that’s a bummer that you can’t finish the series, but yes, definitely find a digital copy or you’ll be waiting for a hot minute to finish them! It’s so exciting to see these good books being made into movies.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I always find it so weird how some cases go unresolved. But thanks for letting me know about the show 🤗
        I tried to get on the waitlist for the books and it seems like I’ll be waiting a couple months to borrow the copies haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Same, did you ever watch Making a Murderer? I’m still curious about how that’s playing out currently.

          Now would be a good time to read books for sure, but I hope you like them whenever you read them!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Havent gotten the chance to now that my kiddo is home ALL day. I have to watch what I watch when he’s lurking lol.
            I started reading again last night and proposed to myself to set aside one hour every night to catch up. At this rate I’m not even sure if I will even be able to meet my goal of 60 books this year. I was doing so well too lol

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I could imagine it would be tougher to make time to watch certain shows. I love the hour set aside for reading! I’m ashamed with how little I’ve been reading over the years. An hour goes by so quickly, but hopefully you can reach your reading goal!


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