Some Vietnamese Food & Trains.

Wowza, I come back to WordPress and there are new updates? Rad. Time to figure out how to utilize them! This post dates back to the last weekend of February. It was such a fun one. I’m sad that I put posting on the back burner last week, so I’ll continuously play catch up. Since Daylight Savings Time was this weekend, I’m a little disoriented too.

I’m taking a hiatus with the FWMD series so I can get more organized and have more meals lined up to not fall behind on posting them. I will bring it back though!

Anyways, I’ll just jump right in to what we’ve been up to. I’ll have to save this past weekend for a later post because it’s pretty lengthy. [We went to see Dan + Shay in concert! Currently listening to The Band Camino right now as I’m typing this post.]

On Saturday, I was craving some Vietnamese food because Hunida keeps showing yummy pictures of her dishes whenever she goes out for some! I’ve been wanting to try Miss Saigon for quite some time, so we ventured over there for our lazy Leap Year Day.

They had their walls painted and this was the mural by our table.

We started off with some egg rolls. It wasn’t too much longer whenever our entrees arrived.

Stephen ordered the Pho Filet Mignon and he was quite happy with his meal. He finished it off in no time.

I ordered the Bún Miss Sagion, and that was a feast! It was such a good meal and the amount of meat you get with this dish was wonderful! I need to make a mental note to myself to not pour a lot of sauce in the noodles because they get a bit soggy whenever I eat them as leftovers. The meat had that seared flavor that I absolutely love. I will definitely order this again.

A shop or two down from Miss Saigon is an Asian market that’s the size of a grocery store! I was in heaven. At K&S World Mart, I found the spicy peanuts that I love so much — and they were in a bigger bag, so I definitely know where to get my fix now for them!

Stephen mentioned an app where you can view your jumbotron videos, so here’s the footage from the game we went to on the 18th!

On Sunday, I went to Clarksville to meet my friend KaSandra to spend a few hours with her. We went to her church and then to Plumb Line afterwards. I ordered the Whiskey Caramel and it tasted as good as I remember it.

Afterwards, we checked out Customs House Museum & Cultural Center.

I honestly had no idea that this place existed, so I was excited to go.

I wasn’t sure if I could take photos of the art work, but you should definitely check it out if you’re in Clarksville.

They have a kids section in the basement sort of area in the building. Of course, you could find us adults in the bubble room playing around.

It’s only on Sundays when they are operating this massive but tiny train set. It’s so cute! There are little buttons that you can press and somewhere on the display and something will light up or move.

Notice the Piggly Wiggly lit up in this instance.

I thought the train display in the corner was fascinating. I’d love to ride on a train someday.

Here’s a little comic relief/scary situation. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do in that scenario.

Here’s a larger scope of how big the set is, but the picture doesn’t even show all the display!

After hanging out with KaSandra, I visited Alexis for a few hours. We watched some music videos. “The Man” is pure genius and I adore it. I’ve watched it a handful of times to spot the little hints Taylor always leaves in her work. We like Harry Styles’ new video for “Falling.” It’s so him. I like what he’s doing, so I’m curious to see how his career will progress.

I left around dinnertime to go back home. While we were at K&S World Mart, I found the spicy ramen noodles that people were buzzing about, so I had to see for myself.

I definitely shouldn’t have put the container in the microwave because it started to burn, my bad. There were a lot less noodles than I expected in it, but probably due to how spicy they are, maybe?

After eating them, I expected them to be spicier. Stephen tried a few noodles and nope, he could not. He had a glass of milk from eating a bite! The noodles were spicy enough to make me sweat a little, but we both agreed that the Reaper Jerky I buy is hotter than these noodles. I’m glad to finally try them though! The mart had bottles of the sauce, so maybe I should get that instead. Either way, I’ll have to buy more during the next trip I make there. The place is so huge that it’s overwhelming, but I’m here for it.

Tomorrow is Stephen’s 27th birthday, [such an old man] so we’re going to celebrate a little bit! He wants to go to P.F. Chang’s for dinner since it’s close to the venue where Bilmuri is playing tomorrow — what a coincidence.

  • What did you do on February 29th?
  • Have you traveled by train before?
  • What’s the spiciest thing that you have eaten so far?

7 thoughts on “Some Vietnamese Food & Trains.

  1. Whoa the food looks amazing! I havent had much vietnamese food in a while but Hunida’s outings make me crave it a bit too
    How cool you guys are able to get your jumbotron videos!!
    Whoa that museum!! My little one would love that train display, he is literally obsessed with trains haha
    We have tried those noodles before and I didnt like them. Yes they were a bit spicy but I felt like they lacked in flavor.
    I don’t remember what we did for leap day lol. The only train ride we’ve ever done is the holiday express. As far as the spiciest thing I have ever eaten….I don’t remember 😖 lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard not to want any Viet food after reading Hunida’s posts! I had no idea you could get the actual footage from an app, and the one I shared is a way better one of us, haha.

      Aw, I’m sure he would love the museum! It was really cool and interactive. I was confused about the hype of the extrememly spicy noodles, but I do wish there were more substance to them.

      I kind of wish that trains were more common across the country, but I suppose there’s a lesser need for them for the most part. There are too many spicy things in the world to remember them all, haha. Leap Day feels so long ago, especially since I skipped out on WP for a week.

      Hope you’ve had a great week and that you and your family are staying safe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I’m sure there are better noodles out there. I hope to find some really good ones at some point.
        Are there no trains near you then? Here we have a huge rail yard for transporting goods. Passes through town constantly, we literally hear it all the time lol. And then theres also the Amtrak for passengers.
        We are all good here, thanks! Just staying at home.
        Hope you are doing well and stay safe as well!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I just looked it up to see if there are any trains around here, and there’s something called the Tennessee Central Railway Museum that offers a train ride. Looks like I’ll have to look into that whenever things are well again!

          Hope you aren’t getting too stir-crazy from having to stay home, but glad you guys are safe! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh that’s super awesome! We have a train museum here too, they use one of the trains for the holiday express every year for xmas, super neat. I love that they have a train ride over there too, if we ever were to visit I know where to take my kiddo 😉
            And it’s definitely not fun staying home all the time, its rather stressful and anxiety inducing hearing all the news I’ve decided to stay off Twitter so I am not constantly looking into it but other than that we are taking it day by day. Hope you’re having a good week despite the crazyness.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Definitely! Now I really want to check it out after it’s safe to go out again. I’m trying to stay off Facebook because the virus is all that’s on the feed. Hopefully you’re staying sane! 😌

              Liked by 1 person

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