Lots of Love This Valentine’s Day.

Hi, friends! How was your Valentine’s weekends? I hope it was super rad and you enjoyed this holiday, whether it be Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day. I meant to finish this post and publish it yesterday evening, but Stephen came home and said we were to go to a Predators game. So, here I am now.

I’ll rewind and start with Thursday the 13th. It was pretty nifty because I went to Dunkin’ and the guy gave me a free iced latte. I got the Coconut Caramel Girl Scout flavor, but I think I should’ve stuck with my usual Caramel and Toasted Almond. I just tried to change it up a little.

For Valentine’s Day, I got some candy from the store and I wanted to get Stephen something, but I wanted his input about it first. His birthday is around the corner too, so I got to keep on brainstorming.

On Valentine’s Day, we went to see the Blue Man Group. They were playing at TPAC at 8:00 PM. I vaguely have heard about them, but my memory of is a little fuzzy. Stephen’s wanted to see them since middle school and I was intrigued by them.

The blue light was crazy bright, to the point where you could hardly see what was happening on stage. I had to put the program over my face because it started giving me a headache, but luckily it only happened about three times.

No filter or anything on the picture, so it was that bright.

It was a really fun and engaging performance. If you ever have a chance to see the BMG, definitely go! They had a few people in the audience come on stage and be part of the performance. I would be so awkward if I were ever a volunteer on stage.

On Saturday, Crumbl Cookies newly opened in Franklin, TN and Stephen’s work designed the counter tops.

He was sad that I didn’t get any pictures of them, [excuse me, Mr. iPhone 11 with the better camera!] but there were like 50 people, at least it seemed like that many, crammed in such a small area waiting in line for cookies. Plus, it probably was crowded because they were giving out free chocolate chip cookies.

I hadn’t felt that close to strangers in quite some time.

Whenever we go back, [and when there’s not a hundred people in the small store] I’ll take some better pictures of the place, but that window area showed them making the cookies, so it was a neat set up.

These cookies are heavenly. Today, I just finished eating the Reese’s one now. It’s the third one pictured. They’re really dense, so it’s a little difficult to eat in one sitting. Stephen has taken a few bites out of the other ones. I’m eating the other chocolate chip and he’ll finish the cookies & cream one and the red velvet since those were his picks.

After Crumbl Cookies, we headed to downtown Franklin to walk around. It was a buzzing place, and it was also really nice weather — definitely a better contrast to the raininess we’ve had lately — so everyone probably wanted to be out.

We went into the Frothy Monkey to order some coffee and take a little break after all the walking we had done.

Stephen ordered a hot coffee because he was cold from the wind blowing.

It was really cool because we could see the barista making the coffee orders and how she made them. I ordered a Turtle Iced Latte and I really liked the taste of it.

I must come back here and try some of the food too! After walking around downtown, we took a few pictures in a small park/walking area. With the assistance of tripod and Stephen’s patience, [and willingness!] we took a handful of pictures.

Whenever we headed back to our place to rest up and relax, the last of the Valentine’s gift to me came in the mail!

So, so sweet. He noticed I liked the page on Facebook and had the idea. What’s funny was he showed me a picture that was advertised — it had a cat in the picture — so I commented on the cat instead of even noticing the picture of it in the background! That was pretty funny, but now we just have to hang it somewhere.

We hung out around the apartment on Sunday. I played around with my letter board to get serious about something I’m working on. I ordered it late January and have been playing around with it. I ordered extra gold letters for it since I initially bought one pack and realized how much better I prefer the gold over the white.

While I was playing around with it, I also had a Catfish marathon. Such an addicting show to binge. Monday was a normal day for us. I did go to Michael’s to buy a case to organize all the letters that I have accumulated over the past few weeks. Plus, huge time saver!

On Tuesday, we went to a hockey game. We were playing the Carolina Hurricanes and got to sit near the rink — what a fun experience!

We got to the game early, so the camera man was hanging around where the lady’s head was in the picture. I was on the jumbo screen again! Definitely a surprise, but it was cool to be on it!

They were giving away free cookies whenever you first walked in, so I was super excited about that. Since we were so close to the rink, we could really hear how much of an impact the players made when getting slammed into the glass. It was such a powerful sound.

We lost the game, terribly, but it was another fun game to go to! I just finished this week’s episode of The Bachelor. Major eye roll at what’s going on, yet I put myself through this by watching it, haha. I’ll still commit and watch, for now.

Anyways, I hope your week is going lovely. I can’t wait to catch up with what’s going on with you! Any super exciting plans for you?

16 thoughts on “Lots of Love This Valentine’s Day.

  1. Oh my gosh those cookies!!! Look like you guys had a sweeeet Valentine’s day 😉 Ahaha I am so not funny😂

    Also, those seats are rad!! Ian and I have been meaning to go to a Chicago sporting game where we aren’t in the nose bleeds haha. Maybe we will sometime soon!

    Hope this week has been going well for you Stephanie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I love puns! The cookies took us until Thursday to finish because they were so dense and huge. You all should definitely go to a sporting event whenever you both have a chance! It’s been a pretty awesome weekend for me; I hope you had a wonderful weekend, Brittany! ♥


  2. Lovely photos of you and Stephen, Stephanie! So gorgeous! And the Valentines present he bought you is so thoughtful and sweet, how lovely ❤️ I adore Dunkin’ Donuts! Such a blessing you got a free one, hehe, and those cookies look absolutely mouth watering gorgeous omg, so yummy… I’m definitely craving both cookies AND Dunkin’s now hehe!!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend beauty, and happy belated Valentines to you!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend! I hope you got some cookies and coffee since reading this post! I crave Dunkin’ so much, haha. Wishing you a lovely weekend and happy belated Valentine’s day to you as well, Jennie! ♥


  3. What a lovely way to spend Vday. I have never seen the BMG but I would loooove to at some point lol. I’m sorry you were getting headaches from the bright light. It’s great that it didnt happen for the entirety of the show
    Wow that’s neat that his work designed the counter tops. I would love to see them too! Hopefully when you go back it’s not that crowded because that’s the worst lol.
    Ooh the red velvet cookie sounds so good. I’ve only ever had red velvet anything less than five times and I really liked it
    Your drink from Frothy Mothy looks amazing! We used to have a place that made drinks like that here but after 10 years they finally closed. 😫
    Awww that night sky frame is so cool!!!!!!
    Very awesome that you guys got to sit near the rink. Awful that you could hear how bad they hit lol.
    And yay! Free cookies!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a cool experience. I hadn’t realized how much the audience interacted with the performance! I hope you have a chance to see them too!

      I think the countertops were solid white, haha, but he was super excited about playing a part in the process before the store opened! Red velvet’s a favorite of his, and the cookies didn’t disappoint!

      That’s a bummer that the coffee shop closed! I hope there’s another one you can go to that’s similar.

      Free cookies will always make me super excited, haha. Thanks for reading, Rossy; I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Aw yay for free Dunkin’s! Did the Coconut GSC taste like samoas? I don’t always love coconut but I LOVE those dang cookies.

    I’ve heard amazing reviews about the blue man group. So cool that you guys went to see them & that the light was so bright you guys looked like them. 😂 Super awesome photo of you two!

    Those Crumbl cookies are making me drool! Reeses PB cups are 1 of my fave mix-ins. ♡ I’d like the cookies & cream, too. Mmm!

    So fun that you two always go to hockey games. I’ve never been to a professional one but in HS, I used to go a lot & totally remember that loud noise when they got slammed against the walls. Nothing better than free cookies, too! Woohoo!

    Thanks for sharing with us ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t had a samoas in forever, so I can’t accurately say if they have the same taste, but I did like it as a whole!

      I thought the same whenever we took the photo and we noticed how blue we were! I hope you get the chance to see them if it’s something you’d wanna see! They were so entertaining for a group of men that doesn’t say a word during their performance!

      I looooved the cookies! Stephen doesn’t believe chocolate and peanut butter go together, so I think he’s crazy!

      You got to go to a professional game during high school, what!? That sounds like an awesome school trip!

      Thanks for stopping by, Hunida! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gooosh, I do not understand how people don’t like PB & chocolate together. I’ve met quite a few that agree with Stephen! But, I think they were a match made in heaven. YUM.

        No no, I meant I went to a lot of high school hockey games lol like when my friends were on the school’s team haha. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Me either, I haven’t been around anyone who doesn’t like the combination! But more Reese’s Pieces for me 🤪

          Oh, gotcha! I still think having a hockey team in high school would be cool! Mine didn’t even have a soccer team, which everyone else around us did!


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