February Feasting.

February’s been a fun month already. We ordered Arby’s on January 30th. You have no idea how stoked I was about this feast. I’m still quite obsessed with their sliders and fries. I liked the additional mozzarella cheese sticks too. Stephen doesn’t like them, and about 3/4 of this picture I ate by myself over the course of a few days.

On the first day of February, Stephen just had to be at the mall right when it opened because a new Lego set was released and he was worried that it would be sold out.

Probably a rare picture to prove that the mall is this empty — just whenever it first opens and you don’t have to dodge a bunch of people. We successfully bought his Lego set and we walked a lap around the mall.

I was so tempted to buy a new Fossil purse [I know, I shouldn’t since I received one for Christmas,] that was on sale for $30, [not to mention, it was a red color that was in the store was sold out online!] but I restrained myself from doing so. Oh, you bet if this was a different circumstance, I would have bought it in a heartbeat! It’s an addiction, I tell you.

We grabbed some lunch at the food court. Stephen bought a slice of pizza and I bought glorious Panda Express. I tried their new Firecracker Shrimp which, believe it or not, actually had a sweet taste. My regular order of Beijing Beef was way spicier, so that’s interesting. I did like the veggie combination in the FS, and overall, it was really good.

Once we made it back to the apartment, Stephen started building his set and finished it later that night.

We played a few games on the Atari game system that he bought us for Christmas. Breakout is my absolute favorite. I love playing Astroids too, but it’s more difficult playing it on this system.

First Full Week of February

The work week went as usual. I was running behind to post, but I managed to post how the end of January went and my latest FWMD post on Spicy Thai Noodles. On Friday, it actually snowed a little bit!

It was the first snow that we’ve had, but not the real snow, you know what I mean? I was honestly surprised it snowed that much due to the temperature outside. Needless to say, it didn’t last long.

Stephen must have caught a cold or something because he started feeling under the weather on Wednesday. He stayed in the apartment all weekend while I spent time with my friends. He needed some “me time” too and I was ready to get out and get into things.

Saturday Coffee and Foods

On Saturday, my friend Jen wanted me to meet a flame of hers, so I was super stoked, but I was super nervous and awkward — it’s still like that whenever I’m meeting new people apparently.

I got to The Well early, around 11:30 AM, to work on some things. I ordered The Breckenridge again. I thought the presentation was neat. It was one of the barista’s first time making this and he asked how he did — it was fabulous as the last time I ordered it!

We chatted for a few hours, then we were getting hungry around 3:00 PM or so. I’ve always wanted to try HoneyFire that’s in the shopping area. I ordered the Burnt Ends Tray with Bourbon Baked Beans and Honey Flat Fries.

This was one of the yummiest meals I’ve had around here. The beans had a sweet and spicy taste with the peppers and onions in it. The fries were heavenly. So crisp and whatever seasoning they use, I so, so approve. The meat was tender and flavorful. There were some flavorful fatty parts, but I inhaled this meal, especially after I took the rest home with me since I couldn’t finish it at the restaurant.

I’m not sure what sandwich Jen ordered, but the amount of meat she got as well was wonderful! Her sides were the Parmesan Green Beans and White Queso Mac.

We stayed at HoneyFire until around 5:00 PM, then it was time for them to head back to Clarksville. I went back to my apartment to check on Stephen, and I had promised him earlier that we’d get some noodles for dinner.

We ordered Lemongrass online and there was a hockey game on, so we watched that. We ordered our usuals because it’s been a month or so since our last visit. He ordered the Pork Pho with Medium heat.

While I ordered my Pad Woon Sen, and this time with the Thai Hot level. It wasn’t hot enough for me, but I definitely approve!

Sunday to Clarksville

Stephen and I had to go grocery shopping on Sunday because our refrigerator was getting empty.

I got my Veggie Straws that I’ve been craving! I was hooked on these whenever I still lived at home and my mom had a Sam’s Club card, so the bags from there are gigantic.

I headed up to Clarksville around 1:00 PM, of course I made a stop to Dunkin’ before I went. The guy didn’t make my coffee right, but I still drank it. Maybe it’s the one worker on the weekends that seems to have a harder time making them [or just doesn’t care] because they’re so good when the usual guy makes my drinks that I talk to.

Alexis and I intended to go to Plumb Line Coffee so she could work on homework and so I could work on side projects. Well, that didn’t happen because we ended up chatting the whole time until they closed.

I love the atmosphere in Plumb Line. I ordered the Cuban Latte because Alexis basically says it’s life-changing. It was super good as she said, but I still prefer my Whiskey Caramel drink.

The place closes at 5:00 PM, so we then decided to walk at Greenway. It was still light outside, surprisingly. It was good to walk and get a little bit of air.

A lot of people were walking their cute pups, envious.

One we made it this far, I don’t even know how much we walked, but we decided to go driving around like we used to whenever we were in college. We’re already close to the Kentucky line, so we drove straight into it for a handful of miles, where there are not street lights, sky is dark, and you can actually see the stars. It’s a really beautiful sight.

I ate before I went to visit Alexis, so by 7:00 PM we were both getting hungry. At first, she was craving IHOP’s hash browns, but I propped up the idea of Cracker Barrel. We both haven’t been there in so long — she kind of forgot it was in Clarksville, haha — so we headed there for dinner!

I ordered my usual Mixed Green Side Salad with French dressing to start off.

Alexis ordered the Chicken n’ Dumplins with Loaded Hashbrown Casserole and Macaroni n’ Cheese as her sides. We ordered both biscuits and cornbread. Their biscuits are so fluffy and are made just the way that I like them!

I ordered the Spicy Grilled Catfish with Breaded Fried Okra as my second side.

I devoured my meal. We headed back to Alexis’ apartment afterwards and we looked at a current art project she was working on. I left around 9:00 PM to go home.

While Stephen was home, he made me some chocolate covered strawberries! It was super sweet of him and they were yummy.

Up to now, we’re pretty much caught up. I watched the latest episode of The Bachelor. I’m kind of sad about this season, but I’m getting through it. I always look forward to hometowns. I was going to post this last night, but something wonky was going on and I couldn’t access this drafted post because it would not load.

How’s your week going so far? What have you been getting into that you’re excited about?

6 thoughts on “February Feasting.

  1. Oh my gosh all the food in this post is making me hungry haha 😂 looks like you had a busy but fun January! I also love that you and Stephan watch hockey together. I grew up playing hockey and watching it with my family, so it always makes me happy to see that other people enjoy the sport too!

    Hope your February is going well to far! ❤
    Happy belated Valentine's Day to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you have eaten some yummy food in that case! That’s so cool that you used to play. It’s so fascinating to watch, especially since I am not that coordinated to play the sport, haha. Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you and Ian as well! ♥


  2. Uuuugh I used to love mozzarella sticks, if my stomach could handle them, I’d be eating so much lol. Arby’s makes some of the best, too, & their curly fries!! Yum lol. The Panda Express does look glorious & the lego thing is awesome. Go Stephen for building that in just one night? Impressive!

    Honeyfire looks out of this world. Those baked beans are calling my name!! & the food from Lemongrass, too. 🤤 Plumb Line seems to have a lot of different & unique drinks. Cuban Latte? What was in it?

    That catfish looks perfect!! I still need to try Cracker Barrel ASAP. I seriously admire your friendship with Alexis so much– I wish I had a girl friend like that.

    & oh my gosh, the choco-covered strawbs!! How sweet of him!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry you can’t eat the cheese sticks anymore! That’s such a bummer. I’m craving another meal from Arby’s already, after revisiting this post. Stephen was dedicated and done for the day whenever he bought the set!

      The baked beans were probably the best that I’ve ever had, honestly! I was so impressed with the place. Shoot, I’m not even really sure what’s in a Cuban Latte since Plumb Line’s menus exclude the ingredients in the drinks. It has a vanilla taste to it to me, and it’s an espresso-based drink with milk in it.

      I hope you like some of the Southern foods that Cracker Barrel has! Aw, thank you! I hope you make a close friend that you can connect and hang out with 🙂

      I was in a little puddle when I saw them in the fridge — it was so sweet of him! ♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol you’ve definitely got me craving those curly fries!! & some baked beans lol. The Cuban Latte sounds pretty good, too hahaha.

        I do love Southern foods– can’t wait to try Cracker Barrel! 🙂

        ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I actually had Arby’s on Sunday, how ironic, haha. The Cuban Latte doesn’t have vanilla, but definitely the rest of the stuff I mentioned! Hope your week is going well, Hunida! ♥

          Liked by 1 person

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