How the End of January 2020 was Spent

I’m not sure how January flew by me so quickly, but it sure did. Is that a side effect of growing up? A year seemed to creep by as a kid, but now I barely can keep up what month I’m in.

This post takes place on January 24th, but I’ll hopefully be caught up by next week since it was a laid back weekend, I think.

On Friday the 24th, we went to Smoothie King after Stephen got off work. I ordered my usual Vegan Mango Kale and he ordered the Banana Boat. I was eager and forgot to take a picture of the glorious smoothies.

Steam Boys

A coworker of Stephen’s mentioned a restaurant called Steam Boys. They serve homemade dumplings and other food that’s good for your soul. I thought this was neat how you could watch the guy make dumplings as you waited in line to order. [I’m pushing aside my germaphobe self as I look at this picture, but it’s fine.]

I loved the atmosphere of this cute restaurant. It was packed, and so many conversations buzzed around us!

We found a spot in the corner of the place when you first walk in, so it was quieter for us. I was super conflicted on what to order. At first I wanted to order some noodles, but I changed my mind last minute and tried their Pork + Shrimp dumplings.

These were scrumptious.

Stephen ordered the Hot Dumpling Bowl. I’m envious because I didn’t even read the description of his order, and they had such a wonderful spice level to them!

I should’ve ordered his because they tasted so much better.

We also ordered the Beef Bao and it was our first time trying them.

They were so light and fluffy. The meat inside was so flavorful and this was a neat new food to try. The picture probably doesn’t look that appealing, but you got to try it for yourself.

Afterwards, we went back to the rad Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park that we visited during our one year anniversary. Shamelessly, I wanted to play Pokemon Go because I needed more pokeballs in the game. I’ve played the game since they released it, and there’s no stopping me now!

There was a Pokemon [Throh] that Stephen and I didn’t have, so he was determined to get it. I brought tripod with me because I wanted to take pictures too. Throh was way away, so he had us walk up all these steps and then another set of stairs after the one pictured.

What a workout. I was tempted to roll down the hill afterwards, but going down steps aren’t as difficult as going up them, so I managed to survive. I could use the exercise anyways.

Stephen wouldn’t let me stop and have a small photoshoot because he didn’t want the Pokemon to disappear, argh. We both caught it, but I didn’t get to take the pictures I wanted because there were people walking on the steps, sadness.

I did have him take a few with me and some others, so I suppose that’ll do for now.

We went into the indoor area. [I’ll take better pictures once we explore it more.] I don’t remember seeing this cute set up whenever we first went into the market area.

We just made a pit stop inside, but we’ll definitely be back. They have so many different food choices, entertainment areas, and coffee shops! They have lights strewn up too and it’s such a neat area.

After we left the market area, I was craving some coffee from The Well. I wanted to order the Yorkshire again, but I was sad to discover that they changed up their seasonal drinks again.

I decided to take a chance on The Breckenridge: Bourbon barrel-aged brewed coffee, bourbon maple syrup, orange bitters, heavy cream (one size).

I first ordered it cold, but the lady warned me that the syrup or one of the ingredients throws off the taste of the drink, so I tried it hot. It had an interesting taste to it. I think the orange bitters was the flavor that stood out the most.

Sunday Shopping

On Sunday, Stephen and I had to go grocery shopping — his favorite activity, not. I make it as painless for him as possible. After reading some blog posts over the weekend, I read that Jinjer bought some of the Cheez-Its, so I just had to try the Buffalo Wing flavor. I forgot how much I liked Cheez-Its. I’ve also got a craving for some Veggie Straws, so I’ve added that to my grocery list as well.

After grocery shopping, there was an event at the Ford Ice Center where you could ice skate and watch the Preds practice. We just showed up for the practice this time around.

It lasted for about an hour and a half or so, and it was super cool to see how they practiced. It was loud and so many sounds echoed inside, especially whenever the hockey players hit the puck. That was like a sharp cracking sound — well, to me it sounds like that. I don’t know if you’d really describe it like that. It’s kind of soothing to go to a game and hear them make contact with the puck.

After the game, I FaceTimed with Haley Mason, the best, best pup.

I miss that sweet face. He needs a phone so I can bug him more often.

On Monday, we decided last minute to go to a hockey game. They played against the Toronto Maple Leafs. We parked at Nissan Stadium so we could walk along the Pedestrian Bridge. I need a more quality picture of it during the day, but it was less crowded walking to the game.

I love looking at the pretty city. The lights are super pretty as they’re reflecting on the water too.

I ate about 3/4 of the popcorn that we bought and Stephen drinks most of the water we get. That seems to be a good balance between us.

We ended up losing — massacred actually — but as usual, it was fun to go.

I hope your first month of 2020 was spent well and your goals are still in your sights for what’s to come.

17 thoughts on “How the End of January 2020 was Spent

  1. Did you like the Buffalo Cheez-Its? I ate so many of them at once I gave myself a stomach ache. LOL

    Oh wow all that food at Steam Boys looks so good! The hot dumpling bowl is a feast for the eyes!

    What was the Pokemon you were trying to catch?

    I love Mason so much. Such a cute doggo.

    Cute pics of you guys and yes the lights of the city look really cool reflected on the water. I would totally love to live in a city next to a river or lake or whatever, with big boats and ships going by.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I did! They were hard to put down and I forgot how much I loved eating them! It was Throh that we were trying to catch, haha. Haven’t seen the dude out since then, so good thing we caught him that f’day!

      Aw, thanks! I miss thé little guy and his howling. I’m sure L.A. and Arkansas have some wonderful views too; I’ve never been to either but definitely wanna go in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The taste of the coffee is super interesting and definitely a new fav! I would definitely recommend trying it! 🙂 Thanks for reading and catching up. Hope Chicago is treating you well! ❦


  2. I feel like this year is already flying quicker than any others too! WOW- this food is making my mouth water & stomach growl (probably should get lunch soon!). Bao buns are soo delicious- I love the fluffiness. I basically always have to get them when I see them on the menu. What a sweet picture of the two of you! ❤ ok, buffalo cheezits?! I must find these! AWW Mason is tooooo stinking cute!! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie ❤ Love reading your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly don’t know how I’ve made it this far in life without trying Bao buns until now! The Cheez-Its were super addicting! Haha. Thanks for catching up and reading; I love your posts and seeing what you’re up to! ♡ It makes me wanna visit Austin even more Sunday to see the gorgeous views!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s cool that you can see the guy making the dumplings as you order. There is a place in another mall around here that opened up and because it gets so full, they have a waitlist right outside and even people who are walking around shopping can see all the people making the dumplings because its literally a huge window looking in. It’s pretty neat I still havent gone there but really want to. Anyway, all these you guys got are making me hungry they look so delicious!
    What Pokemon did you guys catch?
    Awwwhhh a dog! Cute! Lol
    And that’s awesome you guys got to see the hockey players practice AND you went to a hockey game. I’m personally not big on watching sports but I do think that hockey is cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow, that is really cool! I hope you get to try it and it meets your expectations. The man made everything so effortlessly, and I love those types of restaurants that show the behind the scenes stuff.

      I get so excited about new foods and favorites, haha. Also, we managed to catch Throh! I’m not familiar with many of the later generations, but it was pretty exciting to go find him, haha.

      One hype for hockey is the fighting that goes on. For some reason, it’s funnier whenever grown men are in each others’ faces while on ice. Thanks for reading, Rossy; I hope your week is going well! ❦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so, every one raves about dumplings I’m at a point where trying them is a must 🙂
        Ah okay, I’m not familiar with many after the 2nd generation. The first gen have my heart lol. My husband has a ton of pokemon trading cards and many of them are first edition too 😀 we were so stoked when we bought them off a lady who was selling her ex husbands stuff. Needless to say, we got a bargain on them!
        Haha I guess thats true. I’ve seen Goon and I found it so hard to watch when they were fighting but at the same time I can see the humor in it

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I had no idea they were becoming such a hot commodity, haha. Oh wow, that’s so awesome!! I definitely know the 1st generation the most, but definitely not the later ones that they keep creating. I had to look up what that movie was about, and I can’t say that I’ve watched that before. I’ll have to check it out at some point even though sports movies are kind of hard to grab my attention.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. The years & months have definitely been flying by as an adult. 😭 & even though there’s no photo, I’m still craving a smoothie now lol. The dumplings look sooo good & I freakin’ love bun baos!!

    I love that you’ve been playing Pokemon since it came out. Boyfriend & I were only addicted back when it first started. I always loved that it makes you move around to get the Pokemon you want! Rolling down the hill sounds like it coulda been fun though lol.

    That was so sweet of the barista to advise you from getting the drink cold. It sounds like such an interesting one!

    Mason is adorable & my gosh. That city picture is breathtaking– the lights in the water, wow!!

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!! ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m craving another smoothie right about now! I stayed addicted to playing the game since I played it a lot in college, and there were so many stops and gyms in the campus! Now they’re just adding so many new features and I like the changes and seeing the newer Pokemon! Looking back, I probably should’ve went down the hill, haha.

      I really enjoyed the coffee, it had such an interesting flavor to it! I’m curious to how different it would’ve tasted, but the hot was pretty good, so I stuck with it. I loved the look of the city with it all lit up!

      Thank you so much for reading, Hunida! ♥


      1. Lol again, I want a smoothie now! 😂 & that’s so fun that you’ve been playing Pokemon for so long. Super cool that they are adding more features & Pokemon so you’ll never run out of things to do & find! Next time you see a hill, you’ll have to roll down it lol.


        Liked by 1 person

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