A Very Thankful Week.

Currently, it’s almost a week before Christmas, but this post takes place the week of Thanksgiving since I’m slightly behind on the weeks. I should be caught up by New Year’s since there aren’t many major events that have happened. I’ll be able to combine some of the weeks together.

So, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is where I left off, or around that time frame. Stephen and I had to deal with the terrible Thanksgiving traffic from Nashville to Kingsport. He had to only work half a day, so we started driving around 2:00 PM.

We had Arby’s for lunch for this road trip again, yay!

We got the same thing, except the slider at the bottom was Hawaiian Chicken instead of the regular Roast Beef slider. We waited until we were out of Nashville and all the craziness before stopping. By this time, I was starving. Consequently, I inhaled my food and then I felt a little uneasy, since I’m one of the slowest eaters. That was a bad decision on my part.

I want to say that we didn’t get to Kingsport until around 7:00 PM. We were getting hungry, so we wanted to order from our favorite restaurant before we moved called, Thai Cuisine. We ordered take-out in case they were closing early due to the holidays; plus, we wanted to unload our things and see family already.

Summer Rolls.

Stephen’s not a huge fan of the summer rolls, but I love, love them. They have such a refreshing taste with the apple and celery in them!

He ordered the Chicken Pad Thai this time since it’s been quite some time since he’s had it.

Chicken Pad Thai.

I got my glorious Tofu Glass Noodles! Each restaurant I go to, I try to find a dish like this one, but none seem to ever have the same texture or flavor. Still, one of my favorite noodle dishes. It’s even better cold, and they always give generous portions!

Tofu Glass Noodles.

We stayed with Haley and Reece the day before Thanksgiving so we could be at my parents’ house at 10:30 AM. Haley made Death By Chocolate, the meal that I referenced in a previous post that I’ll share with you all tomorrow that we made together, for Reece’s side of the family.

Thanksgiving Day

My brother and sister-in-law were already at my parents’ house. In the midst of a hectic food making process, we couldn’t use the kitchen sink! My parents discovered that there was a hole in the pipe, so their basement was flooded. Instead, we had a tub to catch the sink water and someone would have to dump it out in the yard. Inconvenient, but we made it work!

As we were trying to prep the food, my dad and the guys were trying to help repair the plumbing problem. You can’t see it well in the picture, [it’s right at my older sister’s head] but there were two drawers that my parents had to remove so my dad could access the plumbing line at the back of that cabinet.

Callie, Haley, and I had to peel the shells off of the eggs. They resigned from that duty and refuse to do it next year because their eggs were massacred! I thought it was fun peeling them and somewhat satisfying, haha.

Rene’s Coleslaw that my mom makes every year. I thought it was pretty to take a picture before it was mixed together.

Rene’s Coleslaw.

Here’s one side of classic Thanksgiving foods consisting of:

  • Seasoned turkey
  • Ham
  • Canned cranberry sauce
  • Rene’s Coleslaw
  • Cream cheese corn
  • Green beans
  • Gravy
  • Deviled eggs

To the right of us were:

  • Rolls
  • Mashed potatoes
  • An excessive amount of stuffing [I think it tastes better prior to it being cooked]
  • Sweet potato patties
  • Plain turkey

Mom decorated the tables. Those glasses were filled with Orange Kool-Aid because mom was needing to use the pitcher to make sweet tea and didn’t want to waste it. She had us all drink some Kool-Aid until our cups were full. I think this time, it was acceptable to do so.

Recently, mom updated how the den looks, so this set up is new. Her goal was to have everyone sit at the table and enjoy meals together.

My aunt supplied these desserts. She made cream cheese danishes, a very chocolatey cake, pecan pie, and some type of key lime pie dipping sauce.

My mom made this Death By Chocolate, and she made my favorite dessert, White Salad.

Death By Chocolate.
White Salad.

I’m pretty sure I ate about half of it. It has oranges, pineapples, and cherries in it, so that counts as somewhat being healthy, right?

I put tripod to use again and we took a family photo since we’ve never done that for Thanksgiving. Usually, my mom’s family goes to her parents’ house while we have some of my dad’s side at our place.

Unintentionally, mother, Haley, and I wore the mustard color. We didn’t get a separate picture together, but I was just thrilled to get a family picture!

Stephen’s parents came down to visit around 3:00 PM and stayed for a few hours. We found some old home videos to watch of me back in my gymnastics competitions years.

Haley and Reece went to his family’s Thanksgiving festivities. Nick and Hannah go Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, so they left and came back later that evening because we all wanted to watch more home videos. We watched a lot of Christmas related ones and a miscellaneous of everything else that was filmed on the same tape, haha.

It was such a fun time to laugh and cringe at our younger selves. Either it was the recorder’s quality or just something, but Nick made fun of the way I sounded at around five years old. He said it sounded like I smoked five packs a day! I will admit, I did sound pretty raspy, haha.

Friday with Stephen’s Family

We went to Chilhowie to stay with Stephen’s family, and we also got to watch some home videos of his.

We met for lunch at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Bristol. I love the house soup, especially on a cold day like it was.

I always feel awkward at hibachi style places because the chef interacts with you. I’m just awkward and I never know what to say, so I’m glad that there were some regulars beside of us that carried the conversation.

I ordered the filet mignon and had it cooked medium rare. I tried to save some of the carrots and rice to make it a full plate.

Afterwards, I needed some coffee, so we stopped at Starbucks. I ordered the Iced Chestnut Praline Latte, yum! I usually order a Green Tea Frappuccino, an Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato, or one minus the Cloud, haha. I wanted to try a season drink since I haven’t had one up until this point.

Iced Chestnut Praline Latte.

Stephen’s dad makes homemade pizza. He made a ton for our wedding shower that everyone loved!

It was a nice time with them. I played with Heleena [not pictured] and we built with some blocks and looked through animal books. She’s about a year and seven months old and such a good baby to spend time with.


Around 2:00 PM, we met my family to eat at Edo Sushi Bar & Grill, which is where Haley and I used to work. It was busy at that time too. Since sushi was BOGO 1/2, I ordered a Volcano Roll and Tuna Roll. It completely slipped my mind at the time when I was ordering, but I guess I was in a tuna mood.

Not pictured, but Stephen ordered the Yaki Bento Box. That has a Cali roll, fried rice, yaki, carrots, and a crab rangoon. I at the rangoon since Stephen’s not a fan of cream cheese.

Volcano Roll & Tuna Roll.

I hadn’t had coffee at this point during the day and I had a headache throughout lunch. [I know, that’s bad, and I acknowledge my reliance on coffee.] We stopped at my favorite place to grab my regular order of an Iced Latte [or Coffee] with Caramel and Toasted Almond. With the iced latte, I get sugar and light ice. A coffee is with sugar and cream with light ice. Sometimes they give you light ice, most, they don’t. But hey, it’s worth a mention.

It’s a similar taste to the Butter Pecan, which I absolutely adore, but it’s not as sweet. They never seem to have that ice cream flavor for long it seems.

Iced Latte with Caramel & Toasted Almond flavoring.

Mom wanted to put up the tree that night, so here’s a picture of Mason in front of the tree. In the background was a football game my dad was watching at the time, haha.

My mom took me to Lowe’s to buy some Christmas tree ornaments and stuff. Haley and Reece are lending this mini tree that’s 4′ 1/2″. I’m 5’2″, so it was a perfect size for us!

The tree skirt was one that my mom bought in China when she adopted me. She wanted to give to me someday, so here we are, 24 years later!

It definitely lights up our apartment and this is our first tree that we actually put up. At the time of this picture, there were no presents wrapped, but there are some under the tree now.

I’ll stop the post here, but the next one should catch us up back to present day. I’ll have to post a bit earlier since Christmas Eve will be busy, so I’ll try to work around that.


  • Do you prefer Dunkin’ or Starbucks?
  • Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food or dessert?
  • How do you feel about hibachi style restaurants?

I can’t wait to read and see what everyone else is up to!

19 thoughts on “A Very Thankful Week.

  1. Mmm Arby’s!!!! One of my favorites! I’m a Beef & Cheddar person.

    I like how your family has those buffet warmer things to keep food hot! Genius.

    That coleslaw looks so good!!! And that white salad. And the pizza!!!! Ok everything looks yummy, let’s be honest.

    What do you dip in the lime dip? LOL

    That doggo in front of the tree is too cute and I love that your Mom saved that tree skirt for you.


    1. Right?! Their curly fries are just so addicting!
      We pass around the mini Crockpot thing when family events happen, haha. It’s so convenient and helpful to use!

      All the foods were certainly delicious! Now that I think about it, I really have no idea what the lime dip was used for because I don’t even remember seeing crackers or anything like that. 🤔

      Thank you so much, Jinjer! It was a sweet item and memory to receive.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never had the Arby’s curly fries. I always get the tater cakes. LOL

        Too funny that you don’t remember seeing anything to dip in the lime dip. I’m thinking a chocolate cookie or some plain angel food cake bites would be tasty.


        1. WHAT! That hurts my heart to read, haha. Oh man, they’re so good! I can’t say I’ve had the tater cakes, but I’ll have to try them the next time! Angel food cake is so, so good. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Jinjer!!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. i prefer starbucks, because i usually think dunkin’ is way overly sweet. and my favorite favorite FAVORITE thanksgiving food is green bean casserole! i refused to try it until i was in college, lol, and then immediately saw the error of my ways. i think it’s so sweet that your tree skirt has such sentimental value. 💗💗💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dunkin’ is quite a bit sweeter sometimes, but I like it because it’s a bit cheaper too! Haha. And funny enough is I’ve heard from so many people that love green bean casserole, but I’ve never had it! I’m curious to know what I’m missing out on!! Thank you so much, Alexandria; have a lovely week! 💙

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooo, apple in your summer rolls? That sounds really refreshing– I’d love to try it! & boyfriend always looks for that glass noodle dish at Thai restaurants, too. It all looks so tasty but all that Thanksgiving food…. OH MY GOSH!! I would love to go to your family’s house lol. I’ve never heard of Death by Chocolate or White salad but I’m willing to try both! Love that Stephen’s parents even came to visit & that some of your family went to his festivities, too! You guys all must be really close!

    The Chestnut Praline from Starbucks is such a fun treat! I love the crunchy topping they put in it. ❤ & ooo, homemade pizza? That sounds really amazing. Your mom's tree is beautiful & Mason is such a stud!!! So sweet that you have the little mini tree perfect for you & the tree skirt your mom got from China. ❤ I really love that!!

    To answer your questions: Starbucks over Dunkin', stuffing or green bean casserole, & I hate Hibachi style restaurants because I'm stingy & never think I'm getting enough food. Your plate looked really nice & full though! & I also hate how the chef tries to make jokes all the time because a lot of them are not funny & they seem butthurt when you don't laugh LOL.


    1. The apples add such a crisper and a slightly sour taste to them that go so well with the flavor!! Thanksgiving is one of our absolute favorite times and excuses to go into a food coma and nap it out! Haha. His family lives an hour away, so it was super sweet of them to come visit my family!

      I figured your answer would be Starbucks! That’s pretty fair about the hibachi; sometimes it’s a hit or miss on how much food you get, but I like the presentation of it. I haven’t had that kind of experience with them, but maybe that’s because I just laugh at their not so funny jokes!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmm, that sounds like such a fun addition. I’d love to try it. 🙂 & that’s super sweet that they drove the hour. ❤

        Lol I know, I wasn't even sure I should answer the question because you prob knew already how much I like Starbucks. 😛 Next time I got to a Hibachi place I will just laugh at all the jokes, too & hopefully get a lot of food on my plate. It always so yummy!

        Liked by 1 person

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