Food with My Dude #16: Korean BBQ Steak.

Hi, everyone!

I was going to post a traditional dessert that my family makes every Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’ll save that for Christmas since I didn’t prepare very well to have it posted last week. Instead, I have an older Home Chef meal that we bought in August. Noodles and steak — heck yes, who wouldn’t want that?

I looked on their website, but it doesn’t appear to be a meal option anymore. I’m sorry for being so late to post this! It was in my drafts and got overlooked with the rest of my posts I’ve saved for later. Maybe they’ll rotate their meals for this one to be available again. If not, the ingredients were pretty simple to find to make on your own.

Korean BBQ Steak Steps

The ingredients pictured:

  • Red onion
  • Sweet BBQ sauce
  • Bok choy
  • Noodles
  • Soy sauce
  • 2 Beef Sirloin steaks



I for one thought that this recipe was pretty pricey – not just because it involved steaks, since I get that they are expensive already, but I was slightly disappointed with how the meal turned out, honestly. You’ll see why once I get to the final product.

So, following the recipe, I mixed the noodles, soy sauce, and veggies together, then I shoved them to one side of the tray. Looks great, right? I’d probably eat the noodles as they are since I loved the combination.

I really like the quality of these steaks, and the size of them as well.

So, I followed the directions to leave the tray in the oven for around 15-20 minutes, but this is what resulted from that.

The noodles were a little burnt, which I was disappointed in. Of course, I still ate the noodles, but it was weird to chew them. [I’m the weirdo that doesn’t chew noodles, so I’ll leave that tidbit of information.]

As for the steaks, they probably were still good to eat like that, but they were incredibly red on the inside. I’d take my chances and eat rare in a restaurant, but for my own cooking at this moment in time? I’ll pass for now until I get better with cooking steaks.

What I ended up doing was split the noodles on our plates, then I put the steaks back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so to be safe!

I decided to cut them up before we started eating so we didn’t have to worry about that while we were eating. Then, the last steps were to drizzle the BBQ sauce on the steak and top it off with some sesame seeds!

Taste: Love, love the noodles and veggies. Stephen gave most of his veggies to me and I put a few more pieces of meat on his plate since I couldn’t eat it all. Score! Overall, the steak had a delicious flavor, and I enjoyed the noodle mix with its teriyaki-ish flavor.



The end product looked and tasted great, but I was sad that a few of the noodles were burnt, and I was a bit iffy on the steaks the first round of cooking. I could be totally wrong, but I didn’t want to chances of us getting sick with the meat. I didn’t take a picture of the inside of the steak the first time, but trust me; they were super red.

Heat level:

0. Sigh, but it makes sense that the dish is more tangy.

Would I recommend the Korean BBQ Steak Home Chef meal kit?

I did like the meal kit, but not the way that it was cooked. I still find it odd for the noodles to be warmed up in the oven, not completely hating on it, but I would rather the mix be cooked on the stove top. I think with how the instructions were stated, the steaks should have been kept in the oven slightly longer, but that would’ve burned the noodles to a crisp. I’m all for some crispy noodles, but not all of them to be like that!

Also, not to be nit picky, but I’m not talented enough to cut the steak that nicely as it’s presented in the picture, haha. The one in the picture basically looked like both the steaks cut to show on a single plate, which any meat lover would be pleased with.

It’s a cool meal to make in the future, but I would probably approach it differently the next time if I make this recipe again.

How do you order your steak? I like eating it rare or medium rare whenever I order it.

9 thoughts on “Food with My Dude #16: Korean BBQ Steak.

  1. I don’t eat steak but back before I was vegetarian I would have had it cooked well done, to quote myself when somebody would ask me ‘fully dead’ is how I would have liked it hahaha!!! But those noodles oh how scrummy!!! I haven’t had noodles in far too long now I’m craving them!!!! But I’m intrigued, what do you mean you don’t normally chew noodles? How else do you eat them? 😛 thanks for sharing, beaut! Xxx


    1. Haha, that’s a funny way to put having your steak done! The noodles were my favorite part especially; but awe, I couldn’t survive without noodles!

      Well, I don’t chew my noodles, I just swallow them whole 😅 I’m a slow eater as is, so I take small amounts and just swallow the forkful! I don’t know how I ever started doing that, but I’ve done it since I was little, so it feels too weird to chew them!

      Thank you for reading, sweet friend! 💙

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Noo noodles are just so scrumptious, aren’t they!?

        Omg ahaha wow! That’s so interesting! I can’t imagine not chewing my food 😂😂😂 amazing! If that works for youuu, then you go for it girl!

        Have a great weekend! Xxx


  2. I usually order my steak medium but, I agree! The steak didn’t look fully cooked after the first round in the oven & the noodles would’ve def done better on the stovetop. I’m glad you went with your gut & it all tasted pretty good in the end. 🙂


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