My Darling Visits Nashville!

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Hello, lovelies!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was typing it all up and playing catch up with things around the apartment, so I’ll post today. I’m going to skip this week’s FWMD post, [sorry!] in order to get caught back up with my blog. I’ll probably skip a week every 10 posts or so for that series. This may be a longer post, but enjoy some yummy food and a cool owl picture!

Friday Foods

This past weekend my sister, Haley, and her husband, Reece, visited us! Haley’s fall break was this week, so she and Reece decided to trek on down to Music City for a few days. They were not fans of the drive here due to so much construction within the four hour drive that turned into five, but they made it all in one piece!

They didn’t arrive until around 7 PM on Friday, so we just grabbed some dinner at Bar Louie. It was pouring down rain once we actually made it into the restaurant, but One Bellevue Place looks so pretty at night! Not the best picture, but I wanted to snap a quick picture. I promise I’ll post a better quality picture eventually to do it justice.

Stephen ordered a flatbread, Reece had some Drunken Fish & Chips, Haley got what I got last time, the Voodoo Pasta, and I ordered the Seared Salmon.

The Voodoo Pasta is an older picture from when I ate here time, but it looked pretty much the same, minus the piece of bread – did they stop doing that!? Hm, maybe that has changed. This time around, the pasta was way, way more spicy than the previous!

I didn’t know what to expect from my salmon, but it tasted like the same sauce as the Voodoo Pasta, and it was really, really good! I really liked the cauliflower couscous mixture.

The portion sizes were huge! There was so much of our food that Haley and I had to take our remaining meal with us. She said it was way too spicy for her, so I ate them as my leftovers yesterday, haha.

They were pretty tired from the drive, so we called it a night once we were fed some yummy food.

Saturday Shenanigans

We decided to visit downtown for a little bit before we went to Radnor Lake State Park. The Barbara J. Mapp Aviary Education Center didn’t open until 1 PM. So, we grabbed lunch by 11 in the Gulch at Emmy Squared. It was such a cute little place, and I had a hard time choosing what to order. We originally wanted to try Milk & Honey, but evidently it’s a super touristy place because the line was so long! No way were we waiting since we hadn’t had anything to eat yet.

I ended up choosing the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I was sad that it didn’t come with fries, but I took some of Stephen’s, so it worked out!

It originally came with ranch on it, but I asked not to have any since I don’t like ranch on my food. I was that barbarian that cut up her sandwich and ate it with a fork because it was just so messy, and there was no way I could fit a whole bite in my mouth! I really liked this sandwich, and I ended up leaving about 1/4 of it because it was so much. I thought the sweet pickles were an interesting choice for the sandwich, but they went along great with it.

Haley and Reece shared a pizza together.

Stephen went big and ordered the Le Big Matt burger.

Those fries were really crisp and made perfectly. I could have eaten my weight in them! The burger looks small, but it was pretty dense for him to eat, so the meals really filled us all up!

We decided to show them what it’s like on Broadway [although midday on a Saturday is very different from a Saturday night], and we walked along the Pedestrian Bridge. Already, we did so much walking, and we weren’t even at the park yet!

We ended up taking a slightly longer drive to show off cool houses that we’ve seen on the way to the park.

Radnor Lake State Park

I think I have a backlogged post about this place that I never got around to posting, or maybe I have. I don’t quite remember, but it’s a pretty lake and park that also has an old road that’s closed off to cars but open for people to walk on. It’s a pretty neat place, and Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect to be outside for the majority of the day!

It feels a bit rebellious to walk along the road, even though it’s closed off, haha.

When we finally walked to the aviary, we first went inside the home where they have the small animal displays.

He was really intrigued by the snake that was there.

If you look closely, you can see it resting its head on that twig! We made eye contact and that would have definitely been scarier if we were outdoors, haha.

The turtles in the water were pretty active, but I focused on this little guy that was all alone. Kinda freaky if you zoom in on the picture with his eyes.

The first animal we saw was the owl.

Fun fact: #1 We thought that the owl liked Stephen because she kept her eyes focused on him and had her mouth open, as seen in this picture. Well, that’s not the case. Evidently, she was hissing at him! Darn it.

Also, did you know that they have more than one eyelid?

What’s cool about this time is we came at a perfect time where a park ranger got out the owl! She said that this owl had a hard time getting used to them at first, and that she did not particularly care for this male park ranger. When he walked by, the owl stared him down and started hissing! What’s her story? Maybe a male owl has done her wrong, and she’s angry at all of the male population. Bitter much? Haha.

I’d be so terrified to train them to sit on my hand. The dead stare of an owl is so intimidating.

Fun fact #2: They actually are able to turn their head 270 degrees. Almost 360, but not quite.

Then, we took some more pictures together.

I love my baby goat! [Weird story, but I call her goat, and this was before the “greatest of all time” saying was a thing, haha, but she pretends it’s that acronym.]

It was a fun day, no doubt, but my feet were super sore on Sunday! We went to Cook Out for some cheap food and just watched a Mission Impossible movie. It didn’t really catch my eye to watch, but it was a good movie.

Lazy Sunday

Haley and I ended up making us all bacon, pancakes, and eggs to kick off their last full day! We decided to go to Opry Mills. The guys needed more clothes, and they managed to find a few things.

I went in the Fossil store, and luckily they didn’t have the bag that I’ve been wanting, or else I don’t think I could stop myself from buying it, haha.

On Thursday, I did buy this sweater on Amazon that arrived on Saturday. I got it for less than $25, so I was already sold on that! I ordered a size small, but it was pretty loose fitting. It’s super cute that I’m just get another one in a different color!

Haley was my wonderful photographer. The sweater was so cozy and super soft! It came in a vacuum sealed bag, which was interesting, but the creases came out after I fluffed it in the dryer for a few minutes.

Here’s an outfit that Stephen bought. He managed to snag two shirts from Express for only $24!

They ended up leaving on Monday morning around 10 AM, sadness, but we’ll be going to Kingsport in a few weeks for my brother’s annual get together that he wants to start having each year now that his house has been built! So, here’s to the first annual Moore-tober Fest! Not sure what that consists of fully, but we’ll find out.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I feel like this is gonna be a long week, but maybe it’s because I stretched myself so thin with Monday’s project, and I just felt so drained yesterday. Hopefully not. I woke up early today, made my coffee, now to find some work!

11 thoughts on “My Darling Visits Nashville!

  1. Omg your hair is so gorgeous 😍 you’re so pretty hun! This sounds like a lovely weekend hun, and that One Bellevue Place looks so pretty, I love the lights! All the food just looks so yummy, especially those waffle fries and the pizza omg so yum! Also LOL at that owl, she looks so angry 😂😂 she’s definitely got an issue with the male population in general, oh dear 😂 I do find owls so fascinating. Also cool fact about them having two eyelids… I wonder why? Thanks so much for sharing hun, hoping you’re having a good week and enjoy this weekend coming ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, lovely! Oh yes, we definitely treated ourselves well with all the good food in the city! Also, I think owls have multiple eyelids because of a flying reason? I’ll have to read more into it, but it was so crazy how she would blink her eyes, but they wouldn’t be in sync! Thanks for reading, friend! I hope your weekend treats you well! ♡


  2. Ok, that owl really is terrifying!!! I would have awkwardly avoided eye contact with it 😂

    Besides the owl staring you guys down, it looks like you had a blast with your sister and her husband. You both looked absolutely adorable together in your photos 🙂 I also think it’s funny that you call your sister goat and mine calls me Bird or Burts. I am not really sure how she came up with my nickname but now my family and close friends call me Burt or Burts 😂

    Also I LOOOVE the sweater you bought on Amazon! I have been tempted to buy clothing on Amazon but always end up chickening out. Online clothing shopping terrifies me! I am always worried that I will end up ordering the wrong size or that I won’t like it in person. Do you order from Amazon often? Thoughts????

    Hope you had a nice weekend! ❤


    1. Oh yeah, I couldn’t imagine what I’d do to see one looking so menacing in the wild, probably nothing, but you never know! Thank you so much, Brittany! It was such a fun weekend.

      I think a friend of mine called her sister, Pig! Glad I’m not alone with the strange nicknames! Haha, that’s so funny. I know what you mean about being wary about buying clothes online! I know some boriques can run pretty large! When it comes to Amazon, I tend to buy the items that have reviews, and I make sure to go through both the good and bad reviews before buying. You’ll be surprised with the cool clothes they have! Good luck if you choose to buy online!

      I hope your weekend was awesome, and that you are having a fantastic week already! 💙


  3. Aw how lovely to have some quality time with your sister & her husband. I’ve heard of Bar Louie but, I’ve never been there. I’d love to try the Voodoo pasta! 🤤 Emmy Squared looks even better! Your chicken sandwich looks amazing, is it double-stacked?! I’ve never seen that with chicken… mmmm!! Unfair that it didn’t come w/ fries though & oh my gosh, that pizza!!

    The State Park is beautiful. I totally see how it could feel rebellious walking on the closed off road, lol, I love that. Owls are super creepy to me, too, their stares are super intimidating & I never knew they hissed. Thanks for including all the fun facts!! 😁

    The sweater you got off Amazon is so cute & looks so warm. Hope you have a wonderful week, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing! 💖


    1. Yesss, there’s something about the Voodoo Pasta sauce that’s so yummy! As for Emmy Squared, yes, the chicken was double-stacked! I’ve never seen one like that either, but that was the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had!

      Gosh, the owl was sure something, haha. We definitely learned a few things about them that weekend! I love, love the sweater, I even got one in the other color, haha. Thank you so much, Hunida! I hope your week is going well, and thanks for stopping by! ♡

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wonder if there is a Bar Louie near me so I can check out that spicy VooDoo pasta someday. The double-stacked chicken needs to be in my belly. Yum! Why don’t more places offer that?! Burgers can be freakin’ quadrupled anywhere if you want it!

        Love that you got the same sweater in another color. 😊 Hope your week is going well, too! 💗

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hm, I sure hope the pasta would be where you are, because it’s so good and has a spice level that you’d approve of if they all are similar!

          That’s true, you really never seen any multi-stacked chicken, so that needs to be more of a thing now that you’ve brought it up! Haha. I hope you can try the pasta sometime; it’s such a good place to go! 😛

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Sadly, I checked & there are no Bar Louie’s in Vegas. There was one in Minnesota though, I remember it was really popular.

            Yes to more multi-stacked chicken lol!!


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