10 Months + 1 Day.

Hello, friends!

I’m starting to let the days blur together, so I didn’t have a post written up for yesterday. I was caught up with some work, too, so I’m posting on a Wednesday night with a couple hours to spare until my next FWMD post! I know, lame excuse, but at least I am being somewhat consistent!

Yesterday was September 17th, so Stephen and I have been married for 10 months! Time seriously flies, right? We decided to go to this rooftop bar that’s on The Westin called L27. [Minus the alcohol for us.] If you’re in the Nashville area, definitely give this place a try!

Let me say, that hotel looks pretty normal, right? On the outside maybe, but nope. The inside was so gorgeous and man, definitely gotta stay in it some day, just elsewhere and not Nashville since we live here, haha. Plus, look how gorgeous the sky looks!

They had this beautiful set up before we got to the elevators to go to the restaurant, so for Stephen to practice his photography skills, I had him snap a pic of me. Of course, I’m wearing a completely black outfit, but I’m there! The background outshined me in, or Stephen isn’t sure how to fix the lighting on my camera, but probably for the better at this moment. Haha, it was a bit dim inside!

The inside has this beautiful sitting area. We really got to dine with a beautiful view! Not directly up close to it, but we could still see out. There were people in front of the other window that was to the right of that one, and I felt too awkward about going over there to take a pic. There’s always next time though.

We asked to switch tables because the one where I took the photo above was so wobbly. That lighting was just as dim as it looks. For the food pictures, I slightly brightened them so you could at least seem them a little better.

I had Stephen snap his photo because I was to his left. Again, another practice pic for him! Haha. He ordered the L27 Burger. It was so large that he left a few bites of the burger! Plus, his fries were regular ones, and I decided to order some of the spicy waffle fries.

I was eyeballing the spicy waffle fries on the menu, so I just wanted to go for it and splurge a little bit.

My gosh, these fries were HEAVEN. Whatever spice they used on these, they were so good. I would definitely pay $10 for these again. I was unfamiliar with the sauce, but they complemented the fries so well!

I ordered the Tuna Poke Bowl. The serving doesn’t look like much, but it was layered with tuna, avocado, and rice with carrots on top, [and other ingredients]. This was so yum! I would love to order this entree again, most definitely.

Since this was a rooftop of a hotel, there was a pool below this view that you could walk up a spiral staircases to see the city.

This is the view that we saw right in front of us while eating.

The lighting was pretty cool. Thankful for how you [blue] my expectations out of the water.

For the elevator ride down, their mirrors were pretty dirty for such a wonderful presentation of the hotel. Odd, but it was such a fun night for us! You can tell he really loved the last picture, haha.

Quick question! What’s your favorite type of fry? Don’t think I’m crazy, because they are all absolutely different! Haha. I’d say mine are curly fries, but these waffle fries are for sure a second.

Anyways, I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I’ll get back to blogging this weekend and hopefully get a chance to check out what you all are up to as well!

5 thoughts on “10 Months + 1 Day.

  1. Wait, so where was this? Nashville? Sorry, I’m new to your blog. Well, wherever it is, YES that view of the city is stunning!

    Your outfit is the cutest and the food looks SO good.

    Favorite type of fries…gosh!!! So many to choose from! How can I ever pick? Either properly cooked steak fries, which are those fries that are wide and flat. They have to be crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Most places don’t get it right. Next would be waffle fries. But I will seriously eat any fries.

    Happy 10th month anniversary!

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    1. Yeah, sorry! I do live in Nashville. I’ll have to include that in the post to be more specific, haha. Thank you so much! It was definitely a fulfilling meal, and worth spending the money, too!

      Haha, it’s amazing of how many different fry options there are! I agree with you on the steak fries. They’re not good at all if the outside isn’t crispy!

      Thank you, thank you for stopping by as well! Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Ooh that sky looks gorgeous- as do you my love!!! And the view from the sitting area- woweeee!!!! Stunning my love! I would love to visit Nashville so much, so I’ll have to put this place on my list to stay too since I don’t live there haah!!! Also- I don’t even think I have a favourite type of fry! Dare I say… normal? Hahah omg! Just a standard fry, maybe a fat one rather than a skinny but I also love skinny fries with cheese omg!!! Tbh potatoes are the best they create so many amazing things like I do love waffles too! Haha, what a fun question! Thanks for sharing beauty ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend!! It’s definitely a fun place to be! I haven’t had a chance to catch up and read through your past posts, but have you gotten to visit the States!? I’ll probably find the answer once I leave this comment, haha, but It slipped my mind that you live in the U.K. until I read your last post!

      Haha, I think the fry type may vary depending on the setting like you said! Thanks for playing along and answering! Have a lovely day, dear!


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