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Hi, friends!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and start of the new month. Stay hydrated for these hot summer days! I’ve holed myself up inside since I am not at all a summer person, haha.

In May, I looked at this company all weekend because they were just so cool! I even dropped a few [shameless] hints about it to Stephen as an early birthday present, haha. In the end, he bought the notebook and charging case for me as an early birthday present!

I have a slight obsession over pens and notebooks. I would constantly buy them– even when I probably shouldn’t have. I still have about 5 or so journals that I haven’t written in yet! But, I’m using these for a different purpose. I use these notebooks about every day to help me keep track of what I need to get done.

What’s so cool is that I didn’t expect to get the starter pack along with the Wireless Charging Bookfolio! Originally, I was just supposed to get the Red Dot Award notebook, [the white one], one pen, and the bookfolio.

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ImSTONE Gifts Products

I’ll be covering two notebooks, the pens, and the starter pack. I’m saving the bookfolio for another post.

Are they worth it? I think so, but I’ll let you decide on that.

Both of the notebooks have that cool geometric design– although, it’s a little more difficult to see the white one due to the lighting of my pictures.

imSTONE starter pack.

The starter pack was not what I expected to get, but it was such a wonderful surprise! I can carry around the pocket size notebook conveniently in anything. I use the the loose leaf sheets for when I’m breaking up milestones of a project I’m working on. I usually need to check off stuff in order to feel accomplished if I’m working on something that will take a few hours! Nothing as satisfying as crossing off a list, right?

Why do I love these so much? Well, you’re about to find out why.

The notebooks are water-resistant, tear-resistant, and made of stone and other components! Not only that I can reuse them multiple times, but the notebooks are great for quick notes and jotting down just about anything. I just want to fill up all the pages and then reuse them after I’m finished. I can hardly restrain myself from erasing the past pages as is.

Plus, the ink is erasable with 3 ways:

  • eraser
  • water
  • air

That’s right. Air. I’ve attached videos of them as well to show you!

The Red Dot Rock Book Award notebook in white came with the charging case. It’s pretty cool how this notebook has a front folder and a back folder to put items in! Although, I put the back flap in the charger usually.

The first half of the Rock Book has dotted pages. The last half just has normal lines.

The gray notebook is similar to a planner, but not really. I use it as a planner to write each of the work I’ve got to do during the week. I have a concrete planner with the normal calendar months, but I use this one to write the details of my assignments. This gives me a reason to also leave a day free for myself! I’m also using it to keep track of my content timeline as well since I’m a bit everywhere it feels like.

What you’re probably most curious to see

The erasable ways are probably what we’re all curious about. Am I right? I’m with you on that– I was skeptical about them as well. Now, the pens have an eraser on their caps. That’s the normal way, and the one I don’t use because it’s not as impressive, haha.

I’m slightly proud of this video that took me forever to make. It shows the rad ways of how the ink disappears with the eraser, some water, and a hair dryer– I know, an interesting concept, no doubt.

How the heck can it be possible for the ink to erase with a hair dryer!? That was my question as well. So, I tested it out to see for myself.

I may have written a few nonsense sentences just to have the excuse to use the hair dryer some more! But really, I’m curious to how the air erases the ink. I mainly use the wet paper towel just because it’s the easiest and quickest way.

Overall, I am thrilled about my birthday present. I’ve probably told about everyone I know about them just because I’ve been so excited to use them.

Plus, I do feel a tad bit bad about buying so many journals with actual paper. Although, I use those for different purposes when it comes to my actual personal writing. These are like my business notebooks to get the real stuff done!

If you go to their site, you can use my code: STEPHANIE84 to receive 15% off your order + it also applies to already discounted items!

If anyone else has one, I would love to hear some feedback on it!

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