What Hap[pens] When You Put Some Ink in My Hands?

What do you collect?

We all grew up collecting stuff that just fascinated us, didn’t we?

For me, I was one of those average kids that collected rocks. I found a tiny amethyst rock in my mamaw’s gravel driveway as a kid. I really don’t know what I was doing in my mamaw’s driveway as a kid, [where was my adult supervision?!] but I was just looking on the ground and I found the rock! It was absolutely beautiful and I was so fascinated with it.

I think that first sparked my interest. I remember our only family trip to Tweetsie Railroad in North Carolina that was in the earlier 2000s. Honestly, I can’t remember much about it, but one thing I do remember was the rock station that let you fill up a small pouch with rocks for $10 or something like that. There was also a hiking trail I think we followed, maybe?

As I got older, I started to fall in love with words. Specifically, I loved the action of the old fashion of pen to paper to write my early stuff. Even to this day, I still prefer this method over a computer. There’s just a beauty of writing physically and seeing your work without it being cleanly erased on a digital screen. You see how many times you marked out a line until you wrote your final one. To me, it’s a beautiful and timeless process that I can’t replace.

I’ll admit to being slightly picky, but not exclusive, when it comes to choosing my pens. I so many brands that just keep growing and calling out to me to buy more!

My brother and sister-in-law got me some Zebra brand pens as a Christmas gift and I just love using them! I was the type of person that always used color pens in college to take notes. Possibly as an act of freedom and rebellion of being forced from K-12 to always use black? That’s probably where it stemmed my distaste for black pens in writing.

Maybe I put too much thinking before buying pens, because my mom and sister just pick whatever’s on a shelf most of the time, but I prefer pens that have a fine point to them, specifically, the 0.3 mm tips, [yet, I buy just about any of them, if I’m being honest]. Not only do you have to consider the fineness of the point, but how does it write?

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Zebra Sarasa Brand Pens

These pens have a type of cut and dry writing. I say that because the Zebra Sarasa brand pens don’t smudge when using them– which is perfect since I am a leftie [on most occasions]. I got the set of 20 pens probably Christmas of 2016; two and a half years later, they haven’t dried up! I’m sad to see some of my more used colors go since I ran the ink to its death, but I still have the rest of the wonderful colors to use!

As you can see, I have used a lot of these pens, so I’ve written with some of these pens until their ink ran out. Needless to say, they were very loved throughout their lifetime.

If you’re into adult coloring, which appears very soothing and I may need to give it a shot, these pens are idea because you can really target the close together spaces.

Staedtler Brand Pens

I had my eyes on these before my brother bought me the Zebra pens. I bought these shortly after that too- because, why not buy 42 more in addition to my collection!? I like using the Staedtlers as well, but they tend to bleed a lot more- not a terrible thing.

These pens have a soft triangular shaped.

My gosh, with these pens, I am able to write a lot smoother and the ink is just as visible! The colors are much bolder to use, but you have to make sure the ink is dry before you get smudges on the page and your arm! I will say that I like how the pens are uniquely shaped into a soft triangle. The points are curved and just so sleek to hold in your hands!

Both of them have a .3 mm point, but you can definitely tell the differences between them once you start writing with them!

Look how fine the Staedtler pen’s point is!

Cap or Click?

The Zebra pens click, so I have to make sure I don’t have the point out to accidentally poke anyone or ruin any material. The Staedtler pen caps fit nicely on the pen, so I’m not as paranoid about losing it from my frantic writing spree! Haha.

I do get slightly paranoid about the caps coming off or the pen not being clicked closed while in my purse and ruin the inner lining, but that hasn’t happened and I make sure to keep my pens in a pouch at all times to prevent that horror!

My Use of Them

I absolutely love using both of them, and they’re perfect to use for different reasons. I liked to use the Zebra brand whenever I was in class. The ink on the page is so fine and thin, so it was perfect for me to write. I felt self-conscious when I drafted a poem in class, so these pens were my go-to when I wanted to write in privacy.

The Staedtler brand can be used just about anywhere and anytime for personal use. I would say it’s nice to use with bullet journaling since I believe that bullet journaling is bold and so are the pens. No, just kidding, but they would really emphasize the text when using them.

The Zebra pens appear lighter, but that may be because of how I took the picture, but clearly that’s why I like using it whenever I write in public!

Ultimately, deciding between Zebra or Staedtler- or, why not both? Rather than committing to an abundant 42 count of Staedtler pens, you can purchase the 10 pack— and it comes in its own cool case that props the pens up! The Zebra brand offers single colors too, but the price isn’t worth the 20 pen bundle when selling for almost $2 for each pen.

They do have an even larger pack as well, but I probably have to wait until I go through about 80 pens or so. They just keep piling up and I don’t know where they all come from!

Any o[pen]ions or preferences on the type of pen you use?

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