Digital Dependency.

Hello, once again!

Stephen and I were watching Hulu, mainly the only way I ever see commercials, and there was a car commercial about how cars can read your messages out loud to you. I’m slightly annoyed by that. I’m not sure where most people stand on it, but maybe they think this is a wonderful thing? To think that we can’t go a car ride without checking a message is just insane to me.

Safety First

Stephen pointed out that this is a safe alternative for people to check their phones. My initial question is, why? I get that this is a safer alternative and we don’t want to pull a driver’s attention away from the road, but it kind of worries me that people think they need this feature in order to stay attached to their phone.

Regardless, people are going to look at their phones and this is a safer way to do that, but why we check our phones while driving is the initial issue that’s just going to escalate as they come out with more innovative things.

I get it for others, but I don’t think it’s something that I will ever get. I find it crazy to me to have and I wouldn’t want that dependency because I feel attached to my phone enough just by looking on the limited amount of social media I allow myself.

Backup Cameras

Stephen and I also have different views about a car’s backup camera. He fusses at me all the time how I never look at mine. Yeah, it’s useful in letting me know how far I am from something, but it’s not something I want or need to depend on. I’ve been reverse parking since I could drive in my little blue 2010 Ford Focus and that absolutely did not have a backup camera. That’s how I learned and I like that I don’t rely on my backup camera in my new car.

The backup camera is helpful for older generations in case they can’t see as well, but I’m thinking a lot of perspective of people around my age, slightly above and below.

Maybe I like doing things the difficult way- so I’m told- but I really don’t see it as an immediate need that I have to have my car read out a text message to me. Besides, what if it reads out an emergency and the driver loses all focus and is frantic about that message? That would definitely take a nosedive with their composure and focus.

Give me a heated steering wheel in my car now, I would be more than happy about that feature! Haha, that would certainly not divert my attention from the road. I’m perfectly fine with going for hours to not check my phone. Life is beyond this digital screen and I intend to keep living like that.

What are your thoughts on this subject? I’m interested to know and respect whatever opinions we all have!

5 thoughts on “Digital Dependency.

  1. I agree with this so much. I’m not against technological innovation and I understand that these changes are intended to make life easier. I just fear the younger generations are developing as you said a “digital dependency”. I mean, I heard the other day that they are starting to take analog clocks out of schools and are replacing them with digital because students can no longer read an analog clock.


    1. Wait a minute, what!? So instead of teaching kids how to read analogs, they’ll just get rid of them and that be another problem for them in the world?

      I’m slightly surprised by that, but then again, my cousin doesn’t know how to read a watch unless it’s digital. I remember in school of teachers giving us exercises on how to read analog clocks. That’s so crazy. Surely they’ll run into problems in the world because not every place will do away with them.

      Thanks for commenting, I’ll have to check into that and see what’s been circulating! I know a lot of the educational teaching has been altered and not many of my classmates liked the methods.


        1. So sorry I never replied to this until now! I really don’t know what happened. I definitely agree with you about them prematurely transitioning to digital. I’m curious if it’ll ever become obsolete.

          I guess I don’t understand how you can’t tell time from one since my mom has always had an analog clock in her house, and I have an analog clock on my watch as well!

          Anyways, I hope you’re doing well. Enjoy this beautiful upcoming season! 😊


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