March 8th — Moving Day, Friday Update.

It’s the third week being here and things are settling. Sure, we miss our families, but we still agree this was the best decision for us both to get away from a small town with little opportunities for what we aspire to do.

Friday, March 8th, we were supposed to leave. Well, that definitely didn’t start happening because Stephen underestimated how much we had to pack, so he did the hardcore packing the day of and before we had to leave! I’d been packing my clothes and stuff little by little, but we didn’t rent the Penske until Friday at 9 AM.

Stephen’s dad was supposed to drive the Penske, and Stephen rented the smallest one, because we didn’t “have that much.” By the end of it, his dad had to take his Honda Fit to his house 30 minutes away from the apartment twice, total, because we literally could not fit it in the Penske. Also, I had my sister take a few things in her Ford Escape since we had more than the Fit could hold. Both Stephen and my car’s were crammed with so much stuff that it seemed impossible to fit one more thing in them.

To make the situation worse, it started snowing! It hasn’t snowed for months and the day we planned to move, it’s snowing! Not to mention, my mom is calling me to update me about the Nashville weather: tornado warnings for Saturday, we must stay until Sunday. Which is fair; we didn’t want to drive in the severe weather, and I’ve had bad experiences with that. To top it off, Stephen’s car wouldn’t start!

So, needless to say, moving on the 8th did not happen. We left that Sunday instead. That was the fun and oh so stressful event of moving five hours away from our hometowns.

I like to think that due to all these obstacles that are trying to interfere in us moving, I think this means that we’re going to have an awesome future in this place. We just need to sort through this mess of now to get it.

The Living Situation

To state that our apartment couldn’t have been condensed to fit all of it in my friend’s apartment is a vast underestimate. We probably had way more stuff than they did, maybe?

Our bedroom is a mess with a “food” tote that can’t fit into the cabinets here, my shoes are still in a tote as well. The majority of things are in a storage unit that we’ve rented for the time being. My spices are still in boxes, we left most of all the other excess stuff in the storage unit. I had to leave my book collection with my family and way more other stuff.

There’s only one bathroom in the apartment. I’m always paranoid about only have one, but it hasn’t been difficult to get a turn to go, yet.

My friend has this adorable little corgi [my dream dog before Mason]. Her name is Skyler, and is about 4 months old. She’s adorable, but nowhere near as cute as Mason to fill this void I have for him.

Job Update

Overall, I’m happy being here, but Stephen doesn’t particularly like working the night shift. That is probably the biggest adjustment. He goes into work 9 PM – 5:30 AM Monday through Friday. So, that means sleeping alone for me until he gets another job. He usually doesn’t get home until 6:30 and then sleeps until 3 or 4 PM, depending on when he actually sleeps. So, the time in-between is my time to work on transcription jobs and look for jobs in general.

He’s supposed to have an interview soon about a potential job in Nashville. The man is supposed to get in touch with him today to set up the interview. I feel like Stephen will get the position. It’s entry level and he’s working on getting certified for his AutoCAD stuff. It’s beyond my knowing, but it seems pretty cool!

Actually, the start of last week, Stephen got hit in the face with a steel beam that he was helping move last week! It hit his upper left cheek. Luckily, nothing was broken, but he got a few stitches for cosmetic reasons to help heal better. We went yesterday to get them taken out, it didn’t seem painful and it only took less than five minutes!

As for me, I was on this freelance website and I had an interview last week as a Creative Content Writer. It would have only been part-time with little pay, but it was online! That would have been such a fun experience. Well, the man hired me, but then told me on Sunday that the position is not available since his client that the work was planned for had to be postponed. I was incredibly disappointed because it seemed like exactly what I wanted to do someday.

I’m not sure why this happens to me, but this was like a job interview for last year. The lady told me the day before the interview that the person who’s position I was applying for decided to remain there. And so, no interview or position for me. I think I was decently okay with that decision, but it still leaves me with no experience as a writer in the professional and business world.

So now, I’m continuing to apply and also try to build up a freelance career. It’ll take some time, but at least I still have my transcription job so I’m still making money, so I’ll take that for now.

Married Life

I’ll be transparent about this. I hadn’t realized at first how difficult it was for Stephen to adjust with this moving process. This is the first time for him to live with other people besides his parents or me. He’s already introverted enough so living with my friend has been a rough experience. Sharing the apartment gets kind of cramped with needing to move all our stuff and situate in.

Since the strain of jobs have been on both of us, Stephen has been in this dreadful and very negative mood before he has to leave about an hour before work. It already takes an hour’s drive to get there, but he stews and gets upset about it a whole hour before he initially has to get ready to go. I’m trying to be there for him and understand why he’s in a mood, but it is disheartening that this move has just been so difficult for him to adjust.

I’ve been upset with him a lot, because I know this is not the ideal situation, but he should be slightly more grateful for this opportunity to have a place to stay until we get our foot somewhere.

We had a riff on Sunday and I felt horrible about it. We still communicate to talk it through and we’re setting our goals and plans to have a place of our own soon. It’s strengthening us for sure. There’s so much more to adjust within marriage and life, but we’re all trying to figure it out.

This went on a lot longer than I thought, sorry! Just so much to finally capture. I didn’t think I had much to say lately, and with working on side projects, I haven’t had time to think and relax.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful day!

5 thoughts on “March 8th — Moving Day, Friday Update.

  1. Hi, Stephanie. I’m excited to have found your blog. I look forward to following along. These transitions times can be tough, but also so rewarding! Can’t wait to hear how it all continues to go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Mackenzie! I’m certainly excited to have found your lovely blog! Thank you for sticking around with me on this journey! I definitely feel like it’s a wonderful transition so far. I hope you have a wonderful day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Skyler is so pretty!! & I think you’re right about how these hardships all mean you’re going to have an awesome future. 🙂 Stephen will adjust eventually but with his new work shift, I am sure that’s why it’s been more difficult for him. Those are not easy hours to work & I bet he’s missing his alone time with you.

    Everything will work out in the end, Stephanie! I just know it. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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