Moving On Up.

Last Wednesday was my final day of working at my job as a waitress! This week, Stephen and I are moving to Clarksville, Tennessee in hopes of me finding a job toward my actual career.

He’s already scheduled to transfer and start work on the 12th, just outside of Nashville. The schedule will be a little rough for the next few months — he’s supposed to work nights, but hey, we’ll get through it and it’s just until July!

My alma mater is in Clarksville, let’s go, Peay! I’m super excited to be back with my friends. I only get to see them about once a year just because of life and whatnot. I will be sad to miss all our family here, especially since Haley is supposed to get married the beginning of June.

Pre-Nashville Move Process

We’ll stay with my best friend until we find our own place. We only found out a month ago that Stephen would transfer; we didn’t want to make a hasty decision with picking an apartment and not have the time to properly scout one out.

We’ll be back next month, so it’s not like we’ll be gone forever! I’m excited for the broadened opportunities that are in Nashville. I think that’s something difficult that my parents don’t, or don’t want to understand. I’ve been here a year and applied to handfuls of places around my hometown. It’s not broad in its career paths: medical, law, and education.

The publication industry doesn’t scream out to us here, and it’s not only that, but the fact that the only thing to do in this city, really, is shop, eat, and maybe go to a park if the weather is nice. We don’t have rich culture here consisting of museums, art galleries, just livelier places!

I don’t want to sound like I’m downing my hometown because people are still here and are content with it[?], but I just feel it’s not the place for me. I feel my emotions swell up with the thought of getting to glimpse another part of the world.

That’s why I want to move. Nothing to do with getting farther from family, if only we could just pack them all up and take them with us as well! So, this last half of the week will be extremely hectic with packing and settling.

Hopefully I’ll find a job within a few months, or I’ll really feel like a loser, haha. If all fails for a month or two, I can just search for another waitress job in the meantime, but I don’t want to go back. Please don’t let me!

I suppose I’ll have to start searching for a side job right now to earn a little money in the meantime, but I am also catching up with The Bachelor, but I shall commence with all I have to do the rest of the day!

5 thoughts on “Moving On Up.

  1. So exciting, Steffani! Congrats to your husband for scoring a job so quickly, you definitely will, too!! I don’t think it’d be a shame if you waitressed just until the job you’re looking for came along either. 🙂 & I know what you mean about wanting to be somewhere livelier. Moving to Las Vegas is still my favorite accomplishment in life & I still appreciate being here everyday. I truly hope Nashville will be the same for you. ♡

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    1. Thank you so much! Right? Waitressing is always a stand-in option until I find that job! That’s even more incredible that you moved to Vegas!

      Is there a blog post about your journey on that? I’ll have to do some creeping back on your posts if there is to see what your thoughts were on that! ❤

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