Pinterest Beginner.

I finally decided to give Pinterest a try. It’s only because customers at work encouraged me to start an account because I mentioned how I’m trying to work on my blog and poetry.

It was by their persuasion that I’m going to see Pinterest in a new marketing aspect, rather than pleasure since that’s really all I’ve seen with my peers. It’s the ‘spending hours deep making boards, pinning tattoo ideas, or hair styles, dreams of this fancy wedding someday’ type of view I had always perceived it to be.

I’ve had so many friends tell me I needed to get on Pinterest for just fun ideas and dreams of all sorts, but I didn’t want to be addicted to the platform. So, I’ll restrict myself by making it more professional [and maybe have secret boards for my own pleasure, haha].

In doing so, I’m making it mostly related to writing and poetry, where I truly belong. [I do have a sky board, I will admit, but that is such a poetic subject that I must include!] So far, I’m just now getting the hang of making boards and pinning things.

I felt like a grandma at first, since I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Well, I still don’t, but I’ll see how I’ll do within the month of having it.

It’s a little exciting to have this new start, but a little intimidating for me to manage 3 platforms just starting out. This will definitely be a test of things and how much effort I put into making these work.

Already, I’m beginning to generate new writing ideas, so I’m eager to see where they go!

If anyone has any “good to know” Pinterest recommendations or tips for me, I will gladly receive them! I want to have fun with it, so I suppose we’ll see where it goes for a new branch of this adventure.

You can find my beginner Pinterest profile here.

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