I’m not an avid movie watcher but I am in the know of some whenever they premier. Usually, I’ll wait a few months or years to see a casual movie. If I really want to watch one, I’ll go a few weeks after the movie releases so I’m not in a crowded movie theater. Those freak me out and just make me anxious when people are all around me.

Or, I do what I did last night. I streamed it on Netflix! Usually, movies on Netflix aren’t the greatest, but I saw a friend on Facebook post about Room (2015). I thought I’d watch it because of its interesting plot.

Here is the plot if you are like me, the last to watch movies!

Hopefully that wasn’t too painful to read, but I highly suggest watching it!

I felt an emotional pull toward it because I couldn’t imagine how the world is from Jack’s perspective. To find out that the images from the television exist and that the world is so much bigger than the tiny shed that he’d been confined in since birth. To learn how interact with other people that aren’t his mother, how to love others, and just adapt to everything else in the world that he was restricted to.

I don’t think I could fathom the thought of being confined in a small room. Some parts were reminders for me that the world is so much bigger than what I imagine. I don’t like my current situation? I can do something about it. I am not confined in my space against my will. I dream of moving to a new city and place without actually putting in the efforts to make this dream my reality.

What’s holding me back?

Well, more so, what’s weighing my thoughts to be compelled to remain here for the time being?

Connections. Loved ones. Money – that’s a huge one.

The compilation of these three things are what’s keeping me here.

The small sacrifices made now for those I love, will eventually lead me to the place I hope to be someday. It’s the giving and taking of patience to have that I need to learn within this process. I do believe I’ll get to move up north like I hope to someday, it’ll just take a little longer when adding those that I love into the mix.

My cousin says that she doubts she’ll ever leave our town. She’s simply content with not traveling the world; that works for her. For me, I seem to want to embrace and explore the parts of the world that I’ve never gotten to travel. Why create a self inflicted boundary!?

It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I’m excited to think about the travel expeditions I’ll take with Stephen in the future, maybe when we’ve got a little bit more of life figured out. [But does anyone really have life figured out? Absolutely not!]

Anyways, the movie really made me reflect and place myself into the perspectives of Joy and Jack’s perspective. While watching the movie, I felt various emotions as I watched it, and I probably cried or teared up at least three times. It was a little easier to imagine from Jack’s perspective since that’s all he’s known. Imagining from Joy’s was even more difficult since she got to taste and experience aspects of life.

I remember reading a story released early this year about 13 children living in California that were being held captive basically by their parents – who did not seem mentally ill, but confused about the situation. Now, that situation just makes my heart ache.

If anything, this movie has knocked me off my feet to show me that am the one in control of my scenery. am the one to change my circumstances and my life. I just need the willpower and effort t takes to be where I hope to be someday.

I hope you all have a lovely day and week!

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.07.58 PM

8 thoughts on “Room.

  1. You have a beautiful life ahead of you. I always use the ” small steps ” method. Just make small steps toward your goal and it definitely comes to pass ! Always moving forward! I’ve moved 14 times so far, most by choice . I love new places , new adventures and continually minimizing my life . Thanks for the movie tip !👍👍

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  2. Ahh yes, the film Room is a such a heartbreaking & eye-opening one. I read the novel first but actually thought the film was better. I love that you were able to get so much out of it. ♡


    1. Sorry, I thought I replied back once I moved it from the spam folder! I thought about reading the novel, but it’s not many that a movie is actually better than its book! It was definitely an eye-opener for me for sure! 🙂

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