One year! [+ Almost One Month.]

I realize how terrible I am for not promising to post on Friday like I usually plan for every other Friday. I had my laptop on and I was online, but I really didn’t feel as if the stuff I’ve had written up was finished enough to post. So, I prolonged it. I was intending on posting this whenever Stephen and I officially started dating, August 13, 2017. Clearly I am almost a month behind on this post; but, better late than never!

Our Story

It’s no secret that summer of last year was a difficult point for me. The middle of June was when things officially ended with my first love after a few runarounds. Instead of sulking and creeping back to the hurt and heartache, I took a new approach. After getting upset on my birthday, I decided to let loose and embrace this new freedom. I felt tired of feeling the way I did and I’m sure everyone else did too since only I could remedy this problem.

My cousin went to the beach a few days after my birthday. She met up with a friend and his family; this is where she discovered Tinder because her friend mentioned the group chats that the app used to have.

I’m quite familiar with Tinder at this point. I admit to having my profile on and off throughout the years. I’d always delete the app after a short period of time and start from scratch with it.

My cousin had the idea to have my sister, her, and me in a group to have fun with the groups. That lasted for less than half an hour on June 30th. I decided to swipe and look on my own to see if there are any new people. This is where I found Stephen later that night. I remember how I immediately swiped right with him and I don’t believe he swiped me first. I remember sending his picture to my friends and my sister before he even matched with me.

I think it’s funny to add to the story to mention that Stephen swiped left on me! 

Then, he realized his fault to undo the swipe and went right. He claims to have been on a hard left swipe until he found my profile. I like to give him a hard time about it because the hard left swipes happened after a while. They are pretty agonizing to go through, until you find some hidden gems on the app.

He claims that he asked me out on July 4th to watch the fireworks with him in the park. It was the day before and he just mentioned how he was going to the park in his city to watch the fireworks. I said that I didn’t know my way around the area but told him to have fun!

Silly me didn’t realize that this was Stephen’s way to hang out with me. I’m pretty blind to when a guy may potentially like me. I mean, I don’t want to assume that every guy that texts me is interested. We didn’t officially go on our first date until the following Tuesday, July 11th. We went to a Thai restaurant to have noodles; afterwards, we went to the park. Our relationship is pretty much summed up by that.

He also says that I got him to start playing Pokémon Go, my bad. Our final destination was Walmart. We were seeking out to try those Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts to see if they were any count. We tried the Green Apple flavor and they were disgusting. The flavoring was accurate but I don’t believe they should have been in pop tarts!

And, here we are now. A year and almost month later: engaged.

I’ve never done this before with anyone, so I decided to ask him some fun questions!

What was your first impression of me?

— I thought you were super cute. You seemed pretty confident in yourself. You didn’t appear awkward.

What do you like best about me? 

— Your playful personality that is up for an adventure and how you strive to do new things.

What is your favorite way of spending time with me? 

— Doing silly stuff while being hyper and playful.

Is there a memory you have of me that always makes you laugh?

— Whenever you accidentally stepped on my CDs and fell to the floor. It was the way that you fell gracefully and softly to try to not break any of them.

What is one thing that I do that bugs you?

— How you make noodles. [Microwave usage whenever the number is not divisible by 5; example: 3 minutes and 43 seconds. I like my random times!]

When did you realize that you loved me?

— It was a gradual process. It’s hard to tell, because looking back, it’s hard to figure out a moment where I didn’t love or know you.

What would I be famous for?

— Writing short stories and poems.

What food reminds you of me?

— Croissants and noodles.

What do you hope for us to accomplish within the next year? 

— Get married and buy a house.

How do I make you feel especially loved in our relationship?

— Your excitement and bounce whenever you see me.

Hope you all enjoy your Tuesday night. I shall post faithfully next week to stay on my original schedule!

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