Mason Alexander.

I hope you all don’t mind; this is too precious to not share! Since I recently moved out of my parents’ house [childhood home], I had to leave my dog, Mason, there too since we don’t have a fence here. He gets embarrassed whenever I put him on a leash to walk him outside for him to do his business. [I’m being serious!] He loves the outdoors so it would be cruel to restrict him from it whenever he’s here in the new house.

I try to visit frequently to see him and my parents. Mason does this cute little howl – it’s his way of talking to us and it’s adorable. I thought I’d share this mini clip of him for the world to have an even happier Tuesday!

Mason’s story:

It was October 30, 2010 whenever I planned to stay with my best friend, Madison [Salyers is how I refer her], to celebrate her birthday. We were al 15 at the time; therefore, we couldn’t drive on our own. Salyers’s mom picked us up in her minivan. I was the second to last one to be picked up and then we went to pick up our friend, Kaitlyn. There was a wooden fence in front of Kaitlyn’s house at the time; from the van, we all noticed small little fur balls at the end of the fence post.

Immediately, we all jumped out to see them. Mason was the smaller one of the two, by a significant amount! His sister [we assumed] hid under Kaitlyn’s brother’s car. They had to get her out with a broom to catch her and we did! Kaitlyn kept his sister for a brief period of time; her name was Allie.

We went to different houses within Kaitlyn’s neighborhood and none of them answered the door. I think it was out of niceness to make sure the dogs weren’t someone’s; they both had fleas and didn’t have any collars to identify them. I don’t think the people deserved them anyways with the poor state they were in!

The Present, 2019

Flash forward to now: Mason has remained with us for 9 years and I am over the moon obsessed with him! I think all the family prefers him over the rest of the dogs too.

It wasn’t easy though. I had to beg and plead with my parents to let us keep him; he was our third dog in the family and my parents were wary about that. I cried over him enough whenever my mom decided that either we keep him, or take me to therapy if we didn’t since I grew attached to him quickly during that weekend. He turned out to be the best at well listening and obeying with tricks and commands.

What’s funny is how when we first took him in, we had people drive around our neighborhood and ask if he was for sale! Definitely not; we weren’t advertising him or anything so I can’t imagine why they’d think that!

I told myself I’d limit myself to only 10 pictures of him in this post, so here’s a collage of some photos of my dear pup!

He was just so darn cute for the public eye too. I could go on and on about him, but I’ll spare you all, haha. I’ll tell you, it’s so tough having a model dog, haha. Also, so funny how the Snapchat filters work on him!

Have a nice Tuesday and I hope you continue to stick around after this post.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.07.58 PM

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