The Thing About Falling in Love.

It’s been a whirlwind of planning and working, but at least I’m managing to keep up with posting and reading posts, even if I’m a little behind!

*I’m a mushy person when it comes to love so I post that a lot, but I shall give a variety of topics in the midst of them! I feel filled to the brim with other topics I just want to share about my personal view on it! [haha.]

I’ll just state right off that The Bachelorette is one of my guilty pleasures. Despite how crazy and unrealistic it appears to be, it has had success with some couples! Also, Bachelor nation is absolutely cheering on Ashely Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s engagement; such a supportive community!

Sure, they get to dress up and go on fancy excursions, but the core goal is also to find love and a suitable partner once the camera’s lens is focused on the next person. Reality does catch up with them and put them to the tests months later; the true test is if the couple is strong and genuine enough to last beyond the show.

“I was looking forward to falling in love.” – One contestant that was sent home on an early episode.

It was a little odd to see this guy say this about Becca [the bachelorette] since it didn’t show much screen time with him. Yet, that doesn’t mean that he hadn’t spent time with her. Some viewers don’t understand that the camera is always rolling, but it’s up to the executives and editors to decide which are the juicy details to show.

Some Things Just Stick

Anyways, there’s something within that sentence that just made me crumble a little inside with empathy for him; [he was also starting to cry too; I’m a sucker for the tears]. Perhaps that’s how we feel when we see potential in someone, but the other person does not share the mutual feeling. It’s crushing, and it deflates you on the inside a little.

I look back on my potential relationships and remember the excitement about a guy that I could have fallen in love with, but the connection ended before anything could come of it. Sometimes, it’s not the person we fantasize this dream with; half the time, it’s the feeling of being in this state of bliss and emotion, we just need to paste some human in to share this experience!

Love is Something

It really is amazing to find love in different people, given the circumstances in life. The heartbreak is devastating and will always involve a process of healing. I never believed I could fall for someone the way that I have, but it happened.

I’m a fan of first dates – weird? I get that. It’s true though, I get excited for all the possibilities when meeting someone for the first time. I look forward to the conversations, the peaks of interest that thread their way in the conversation! I have always searched for someone that I can have a conversation with, since it is what builds the relationship and much more.

“I am aggressively in love with you.” – Stephen, my lovely fiancé.

Stephen said this to me after some goofy statement I said to him first. [Note: he is not an aggressive person, it’s little banter we throw at one another.]

Something inside me just bubbled with happiness when he said this. He isn’t the type to write me paragraphs or anything, and that’s okay. Sure, they’d be nice to get but what I’ve found more important is the actions he puts into making me feel loved. My first love showered me with paragraphs and social media posts, but there was the lack of communication missing.

Different Love Languages Still Equal Love

Various types of love exist with different people; Stephen isn’t the type to write out his feelings, or shower me with him. This is excruciatingly frustrating since I am a writer in love with words and all things Nicholas Sparks level, but I do appreciate his efforts and own way to show me that he genuinely loves me through other ways.

Love is displayed with the smallest touch of reassurance, the whispers in the midst of a loud world, and the comfort in silence that is sent telepathically between the couple. It’s the moments where the public eye can witness just the surface of something rooted so deeply between them.

Love is something beautiful when handled by the right person. Don’t mislabel love with toxic actions.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.07.58 PM

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