2018: The Mystery Blogger Award

It’s finally Friday!

It’s been a busy week with wedding planning and house/dog sitting but I have returned for a short period of time!

I am having a later start to my day with posting, but I received a nice surprise to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award from a new friend of mine, Hayley; her blog is located here! It is a sweet feeling to know that people care to read what I’ve had to say, and I’m just starting out with my blog so I am immensely thankful to create a community with those I have had conversations with!

This award is “an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.”

Here Are the Rules:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself
  • Nominate bloggers you feel deserve the award
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny one
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Three Facts About Me:

  1. I live on Dunkin’ coffee and noodles. I used to work almost every day, so I would go by the drive-thru to get a coffee, I couldn’t function without it! As for the noodles, maybe it’s because I’m Asian[?], not for sure, but I absolutely have to eat noodles. No matter if I’m not that hungry, I still crave them.
  2. At 13 months, I was adopted by my loving family. [Future blog post to come about that.] I went from an orphanage in Fuzhou, China to East Tennessee.
  3. I have shamefully read only 2 books this year. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! By now, I would’ve easily read 20 books by now. I suppose that’s the sad thing about growing up, having to push aside some things I love.

The Questions from Hayley:

  • What’s the #1 destination on your travel bucket list?
    • I really want to go to Paris someday. I’ve slowly been teaching myself French and I think it would be really exciting and cool to exercise what I’ve been learning. Plus, it’s gorgeous there, and I want to travel to gain a new perspective and experience!
  • What has been your greatest accomplishment?
    • I’d have to say moving 5 hours away to attend college. I always wanted to go somewhere and dorm for college, but I never believed I could. I mustered up my 20 seconds of courage and everything rolled into place! It was completely out of my comfort zone to move somewhere without knowing a soul – but it was one of the best things I did!
  • What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    • I for sure look at a person’s smile and appearance. It’s fascinating to look at how someone’s outward composure may or may not reflect the inward appearance of the soul. Plus, smiles reflect something genuine.
  • What has been your favorite blog post to write? Why?
    • I really liked writing What I learned this year. I enjoy writing each one because I discover a little more about myself after I take the time to reflect on the situation. It’s interesting to compare how I was just a year ago to now; how things have changed drastically that I never could have imagined to be my life that I get to live.
  • What is your favorite quote?
    • I can’t say I have an absolute favorite quote that I reference back to. I’ve had this one saved in my notes section on my phone for the longest time: 

      “But luxury has never appealed to me, I like simple things, books, being alone, or with somebody who understands.”

      —Daphne du Maurie

      I’d like to think this is how I viewed myself with being content with a minimal amount of things; yet, it’s the juxtaposition of finding someone who understands that makes it difficult.

My Nominees:

I just decided to choose three; it was a tough decision! I know there are a lot of other wonderful bloggers that I have not stumbled across yet, since I’m fairly new with blogging, but I hope to find some more that share common interests as me!

My Questions:

  1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
  2. What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of this year?
  3. How are you doing in life? Really! [As in, are you where you hoped to be at this point in your life?]
  4. Do you have a “go to song” or band?
  5. What is a guilty please you have?

Thank you again, Hayley, for this sweet nomination. I had fun doing this and connecting with new friends!

4 thoughts on “2018: The Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me!! This means SO much and I am so grateful you’ve enjoyed my blog. Seriously. The only thing better for me than writing is being read ❤️ I’ve really loved your page every time I’ve visited and appreciate what you’re doing/creating here 🙂

    Also can’t wait to pass on the award to a couple other great bloggers I’ve stumbled upon during my (short) time ramping up! We’ve gotta stick together and share the amazing words we find 🙂

    Will notify you when my response goes live…

    Xo Charlene

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate you and your kind words! I love reading your page too, even if I’m a day or so late with catching up on them! You contain a down-to-earth tone whenever you post and it’s so relatable and refreshing to find someone who has a similar personality!

      Can’t wait to read your post when it’s live! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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