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I adore the night time; when the rest of the world is asleep, I chat with the moon. Blogging about life and its lessons, with an occasional glimpse of things I love. ❀

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Happy Tuesday!

What a wonderful few days I’ve had. Hopefully everyone else’s is going just as great! Never could I imagine a year ago of how things in my life are now. Remember when I wrote in my last post that I cried on my 21st birthday last year over someone that left my life? Yeah, not the best way to start.

This year was completely different.

Please forgive me for not posting Friday; our wifi was acting up, I had to work the lunch shift, then to my birthday dinner so I barely had time to sit down and breath it felt like! So, I may actually try to post every other Friday, along with every Tuesday.

On my actual birthday, my sister and cousin took me out for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Stir Fry Cafe. I got a curling wand from Katelyn [my cousin], and I already burned myself with it by the next day! It’s an ugly looking place now, but I shall be patient and wait for it to heal, lovely.

Since they had to work in the evening, I spent it with Stephen whenever he got off work. I arrived at his apartment a little after 5; he met me at the door [something he rarely does], and instructed that I was not allowed, under any circumstances, to go upstairs.

We got dressed up and he took me to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse — it’s a hibachi style restaurant. It was fun wearing a nice dress; he wore a suit, it was the first time I’ve seen him in one!

After we finished eating, we went back to his apartment. I wanted a few pictures of us looking all snazzy; we tried placing my phone on his bed, propped up by pillows and his comforter. [About the only type of furniture in his room; it was not that helpful.]

Propping my phone on the bed for a quick memory of us dressed up.

Engagement Time!

He finally allowed me to go upstairs once our photo session was over. I had to close my eyes and cover them so I wouldn’t peek. He made sure I didn’t trip up the stairs — I am a super clumsy person; I staggered up the stairs and almost fell anyways.

Once we made it to his living room upstairs, wrapped in ribbon and a bow, it was a side table that he made on his own! He has recently taken an interest in woodworking and spent hours and days at his parents’ house to make this table for me. Well, as soon as I saw the table, I grabbed the drawer and opened it. Inside was my engagement ring! I was so stunned to find it in its neat box.

He panicked a little bit and got down on his knee and fumbled for words. [He claims that he drew a blank and panicked because I instantly reached for the drawer, without examining the rest of the table prior to opening the drawer.] That was funny looking back at it. I started tearing up a few times as I gave my answer; I also did while on the phone with my mom and just thinking about the reality of this moment.

After calming down a few days, we’ve already started wedding planning! The most difficult part is finding a venue within less than six month’s amount of time. We are hoping for November, but we’ll see if it’s manageable — depending on the available venue. So, I’m on standby right now, looking and inquiring for information.

It’s a given that this year of being 23 will involve being thrown into the actual adult world; some, but not limited to: paying more bills, finding a big girl job once and for all to support us, and higher expenses that will involve a place to buy or rent for the meantime.

I’m sure I’ll create another post about this birthday moment, but for now, it’s merely an update and a bridge for lessons to come.


4 comments on “Birthday Aftermath.

  1. I’m so happy for you that you had a great birthday this year! It’s refreshing when people write about their joys 🙂 cheers to many more happy birthdays to come!


    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend! There’s always something joyous within our days! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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