I’ve thought multiple times on how to begin this blog. I even wrote up a few articles but it seemed odd to start right off without properly introducing myself.

On that note: hello! I am Stephanie, currently a 24-year old graduate with a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing. I currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope in the near future to move up north because the cold weather is much preferred by me. I obsess over Mason, my almost 9 year old sheltie.

Blogging is quite new for me, mainly because I have to change my aesthetic a little bit to appear [emphasis on appear] more professional. My personal writing and poetry consists of lowercase letters, I never liked to capitalize my work, so I didn’t! Now, I have to force myself to remember and use the shift button in order to create the fun capital letters. I do believe that whenever I use capitalization versus lowercase, my tone and style of writing is a bit different so that reflects another aspect of myself.

Anyways, I’ve wanted to blog for years, but I couldn’t find my niche, or anything that seemed relevant to other people’s interesting lives. Mine may appear dull, but I feel as if my thoughts and curiosities of the world are somewhat relevant to others. The purpose of this blog is to get me to motivate myself more in my own writing, make sense of where my thoughts are going and how they come to be, and to reach out and connect with others who are experiencing similar events as myself.

I probably will look back and cringe on all these errors I am making as a beginner, but we must start somewhere, right?

I also figure it’s probably better now when I’m full of ideas and potential to begin a blog to get my name into another part of the digital world for when I want to publish my poetry and any other work someday.

My vision for this blog is to have it split into various sections for easier navigation and content. I know for sure to have speculations of what thoughts go through my head when I should be sleeping, or doing something else. Also, it would be neat to have a small learning section so I can learn something new every now and then, and maybe another person will find it cool to learn something random!

I can’t wait to see where this blog goes as it can better me as a person and, hopefully, lets me connect with others who happen to stumble across this blog by chance.

Please bear with me on trying to figure out my blogging niche.

It’ll be a swell time!

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*last updated: July 21, 2019.